Please Welcome a New Series: Make More Good

published Feb 1, 2017
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Want to make the world (or even the sliver of world around you) a little bit better? Start by making more good. We’ve partnered with our friends at Land O Lakes to celebrate the everyday moments that bring happiness to ourselves and our communities with projects, presents, and little acts of kindness.

Keep reading to find out how we plan to help you get your weekly dose of good — starting now through the rest of the year.

1. We’ll help you be more mindful.

“No thanks, I’m mindful enough,” said no one ever. With so many adult coloring books, breathing exercises, and inspirational quotes (thanks, Instagram!), it seems everyone is striving to be more present and learn how to stay in the moment.

Whether it’s making your morning commute better or setting up a good vibe at a coffee shop, we’ve got you — and all the ways to get your mental state where you want it to be.

2. We’ll help you show how much you care.

You’d be nothing without your loved ones. Your love doesn’t stop there, either — you care about the troops who are putting their lives at risk, the volunteer firefighters who work hard for very little thanks, the women halfway around the world who weave immaculate table linens for you to buy, and more.

We’ll show you some fun (and super-thoughtful) ways to spread some love, find gifts that give back, and make people feel included.

3. We’ll help you grow.

Want to learn something new every day? We can help with that too. We’ll have special cooking projects that will challenge you to learn new techniques in the kitchen. Trust us — the payoff will totally be worth it.

(Image credit: Kitchn)

4. We’ll help you do good through our recipes.

Every recipe on our site can now help you give back. Have you noticed the little “I made this” button under the names of all of our recipes? Every time you make one of our recipes (and click that button!), Kitchn and Land O Lakes will donate $1 to Feeding America. That will make a lot of good!

(Image credit: Kitchn)