From The Kitchn: Please Vote Today

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I’m blogging live from the corner of Bleecker and Grove in NYC where I’m devouring a terrible scone. After this I’m going to a phone-banking gathering around the corner where there will probably be more bland food.

Today may not a shining day for my eating or cooking but it is a shining day for many people who believe the results of this election could turn the world around on its heels. And so, I take a break from balanced meals and dark leafy greens to put my energy elsewhere, toward the other things I believe in.

I hope you vote today; by doing so you are a part of history. By reading this site, we know you care about making your world, through your meals, a better place. So don’t waste this opportunity. Lines in NYC are long — I waited an hour and a half — but energy is high and strangers are lovely. Tell us how long you waited, and what’s keeping you nourished today.