Please Make This Braided Pesto Bread ASAP

(Image credit: Hint of Vanilla)

With fresh basil in abundance, now is the time to make batch upon glorious batch of pesto. While you’ll of course want to stash some away for colder months ahead, you should also use it with wild abandon right now in everything from pasta salad to sandwiches to summer vegetable galettes — oh, and this braided pesto bread.

Making a loaf of bread from scratch is the perfect activity for a summer day at home. Maybe it’s raining outside, or maybe it’s too hot to leave your apartment — either way, this recipe will keep you occupied for the better part of a morning or afternoon.

Once your loaf is ready, you can eat it as is, but I think its true purpose in life is to serve as the base for the best open-faced tomato sandwich of all time: Smear on a little mayo, top with a few slices of perfectly ripe tomato, and sprinkle with flaky salt and fresh-ground pepper. Truly sublime.

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