PlateTopper: Makes Saving a Plate Easier (& Greener)

PlateTopper: Makes Saving a Plate Easier (& Greener)

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 11, 2011

For six years I worked in retail management and when it came to the holidays, I was rarely around at the same time my family gathered to have dinner. They would try to save me a plate, but it by the time I got to it, the plastic wrap-smushed food had lost a lot of its original appeal. This new Kickstarter project (which goes into production in just a few hours!) would have been a help. Want to see how this new lid and plastic wrap alternative works? Check out the video right this way:

The idea is simple. Plastic wrap and foil are kind of sucky. Likewise, reusable containers don't always hold an entire meal and they involve the transferring of product from a plate to the container itself. This new creation is a BPA-free lid that suctions to your original dinner plate.

You can check out the video above to see it in action. You literally press and it's sealed up. We're thinking it would be extra awesome on items that are sensitive to taking on other smells in your refrigerator or giving off said smells. It would also be great for snacks left out on the counter (because if you're like me you've been baking cookies for the last two weeks and a batch never lasts for more than a day).

Get one: A donation of $20 will get you one in your color choice shipped free (with a few exclusions) and we're sure they'll be hitting stores near you in the next year.

We love products where there truly is a demand, but I'm curious, would it work as well in your kitchen? Would you have need to send a plate of food home with a friend? Save a plate for later? Let us know below!

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(Images: PlateTopper via Kickstarter)

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