The Very First Thing You Should Do with a New Roll of Plastic Wrap

updated Aug 25, 2020
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plastic wrap on kitchen counter
Credit: Sarah Crowley

In my family, there is a great debate when it comes to plastic wrap and aluminum foil. My sister is #teamaluminumfoil, I am #teamplasticwrap, and my mom is an equal-opportunity user of both. The reasons I like plastic wrap are few, but important.

First, if you really want a tight seal on something, aluminum foil will not do the trick. It just won’t. So whether you’re dealing with smelly leftovers in the refrigerator or pastry dough that you’re sticking in the freezer for later use, plastic wrap is superior. (Although I admit: Sometimes when I am storing cookies in the freezer, I will wrap them in plastic wrap and then aluminum foil.)

Another plus: Plastic wrap is see-through. So you can see through it … and remember that you made that delicious penne with chicken and broccoli, instead of wondering what’s beneath that aluminum foil. 

Honestly, I try to use both sparingly, but you’ll pretty much always find a roll of plastic wrap in my kitchen. And there’s one thing I always do when I pick up a new roll: Make space in my freezer.

Credit: Sarah Crowley

Why You Should Store Your Plastic Wrap in the Freezer

Have you ever gone to cover something in plastic wrap only to find that your freshly pulled-off piece has a serious case of static cling? If you are not storing your plastic wrap in the freezer, the answer is almost definitely yes. 

Ideally, you’ll have space in your freezer for your plastic wrap to live there full-time. That’s because the longer the wrap sits in the freezer, the easier it will be to use. The cold air cuts back on the static and lets you actually tear off a piece and wrap up your food without the whole thing sticking to itself. 

The next time you buy a new roll of plastic wrap, consider it the perfect time to start this new storage habit. You’ll end up freeing up a little bit of drawer space, too, so it’s a win-win.