The $13 Way to Take Charge of Your Messiest Kitchen Cabinet

updated May 1, 2019
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It’s an unfortunate truth of small-space living that the tinier the kitchen, the harder it is to find storage space — and worse, stay organized. While some of us invest in new ways to carve out storage space and keep our kitchens tidy, others are forced to forgo their non-essential (and clutter-causing) kitchen wares, especially plastic Tupperware.

But fret not my lunch-packing (and leftover-loving) friends — there’s hope for your messy Tupperware cabinet. We found a game-changing lid organizer that will help you keep all of your stray plastic container lids in check. And the best part? It’ll only set you back 13 bucks.

So what is it exactly?

The mDesign Food Storage Lid Organizer is top-rated on Amazon for a reason. Made of durable, BPA-free plastic, this mini-storage hub is designed to hold up to 38 storage lids of various sizes — in a stylish container, no less.

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But what does it do?

Awesome for cabinet organization, the mDesign Food Storage Lid Organizer will help keep your pantry clutter to a minimum by corralling all your reusable lids and storing them all upright in one place.

This petite powerhouse is cute, clear, and compact, but can hold up to 26 small lids and 12 large ones at once, so you’ll always know where to find your plastic lids (without taking up too much cabinet space).

How this will improve your life — for cheap.

But don’t just take it from me; this clever multi-tasker holds a four-and-a-half star rating on Amazon out of nearly 350 reviews.

As an Amazon user explains in a verified five-star review:

I half expected to regret this purchase just because making space for an entire tray in an already-crowded cabinet solely for lids seems counterproductive, but this product has actually really made a difference for me.

I have several different types of Tupperware and 90% of the lids I have fit into this easily. Now I can stack the actual containers separately without leaving the lids to just sit next to them, taking up space, or standing on their sides, ready to fall out if I move anything. It’s been a while since I’ve heard my husband complain about the Tupperware cabinet in general, so for that reason alone I’m glad I purchased this lol.

There you have it, folks! The solution to all your Tupperware cabinet clutter is only $13 on Amazon — and even better, it’s Prime-eligible.

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