A Low-Effort, High-Reward Method for Cleaning Your Kitchen Sink Faucet

published Oct 19, 2022
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If you aren’t already familiar with the vinegar baggie trick for cleaning your bathroom fixtures, then now’s the time to listen up. Basically a hands-free hack for deep-cleaning your shower head, all you do is fill up a plastic baggie with white vinegar, place it around your shower head, tie it up with a twist tie, and leave it overnight to remove all the gross dirt and grime buildup.

But did you know this foolproof cleaning method can also work wonders for your kitchen? Read ahead to learn how.

What It Is

Similar to how you would clean your shower head, you can fill up a zippered plastic sandwich bag with diluted vinegar and twist tie it around your kitchen faucet overnight to give it a deep clean, too.

(Same for the bathroom faucet, utility sink or really anywhere water isn’t spraying and flowing like it should be).

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Simply fill a bag with equal parts water and white vinegar, submerge your kitchen faucet, secure it with a rubber band or a zip tie and voila: By tomorrow morning your kitchen faucet should be free of gunk and working at full speed. Just remember to let the water run for a minute or so after removing the bag to get rid of any lingering vinegar or buildup.

And if you absolutely can’t stand the smell of vinegar, fret not. You can clear your kitchen and bathroom faucets of water stains and more by filling a plastic bag with watered down lime and rust remover—such as CLR—and allowing it to soak for a few hours. (Just be sure to have a rag handy when it’s over to wipe away any excess buildup).

How It Works

Along with adding flavor to your home-cooked meals, vinegar is a powerful, and most importantly, all-natural cleaning agent. Packed with acetic acid, white vinegar is more than just an awesome disinfectant. It also acts as a deodorizer and grease remover, so you can eliminate harmful traces of bacteria—like salmonella and E. coli—while tackling grease buildup and stains around your bathroom and kitchen.

Why Do It?

If you thought the calcium buildup and water stains on your bathroom fixtures were bad, consider the scary bacteria that might be accumulating on and around your kitchen sink. Do yourself a favor and deep clean your kitchen faucet using the vinegar baggie trick. You’ll save yourself a ton of time and effort, and score a sparkling clean kitchen sink zone overnight.

This post originally appeared on Apartment Therapy. See it there: This Lazy Bathroom-Cleaning Hack Works Great in the Kitchen, Too