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I Tried Plantain Waffles and They’re the Flavorful Brunch Dish You Need to Try

published Jul 8, 2022
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I Tried Plantain Waffles
Credit: Carlos Matias

There’s never a shortage of plantains in my kitchen. Honestly, when I was growing up I didn’t have a choice but to eat them. Now, however, I love them because of their versatility and ease of preparation.

Although I do love plantains probably more than anyone else I know, I don’t have enough recipes for every one I have on hand at all times. As a result, some end up going ripe before I get to use them. But that’s not necessarily bad because when they do, I can make plátanos maduros or piononos.

Truthfully, it brings me joy whenever I find a new recipe to help me utilize plantains, and now thanks to the @thatnursecancook’s plantain waffle recipe, I can turn one of my favorite foods into a flavorful brunch dish or dessert. Here’s how it’s done.

Get the recipe: Plantain Waffles

How To Make Plantain Waffles

Start by peeling two overripe plantains. You can tell when they’re reaching ripeness because the skin will be decorated with black spots. Mash the plantains in a bowl using a potato masher and add two cups of pancake mix. Helena Faustin — known as @thatnursecancook on social media — prefers to use Pearl Milling Company Buttermilk Complete Pancake Mix, so that you don’t have to add eggs or milk.

Next, slowly pour water until your desired consistency; in the video she used 1 1/4 cups. After it’s mixed well, add vanilla, rose water, and almond essence. Then, sprinkle a teaspoon of cinnamon and nutmeg before whisking all of the ingredients together. Pour the waffle batter onto a buttered waffle maker. Leave the temperature on medium, and in 60 seconds, you will have the perfect plantain waffle!

Credit: Carlos Matias

My Honest Review of Plantain Waffles

In her post, @thatnursecancook asks, “Would you order a sweet plantain waffle for brunch? I bet it would go nice with some fried chicken on top right?” The answer is 100-percent yes. These plantain waffles would make a great brunch dish with a side of eggs or fried chicken, and they can also make a decadent dessert if you top it with whipped cream and fruits.

One thing to keep in mind is that the riper the plantain, the sweeter the waffle will come out. The plantains I used were a little too ripe, and although they provided a nice sweetness which I loved, the waffles were soft and chewy. Next time, I’ll pick them a little less ripe or throw a green one to add some texture.

3 Tips for Making Plantain Waffles

  1. Play around with the plantains. You want to make sure they’re ripe, but not overripe. If the plantains you are working with are too ripe, try throwing a greener plantain into the recipe to add some texture. If not, the waffles will come out floppy and chewy.
  2. It’s all about consistency. You don’t want to put too much or too little water, so make sure you pour it slowly while mixing the ingredients to gauge the right amount of water.
  3. Keep a close eye. Helena’s waffles were done in 60 seconds, but mine took closer to 3 minutes. The time it takes depends on your waffle maker, but I’m assuming the plantain ripeness may also play a role in it.

Get the recipe: Plantain Waffles