This $9 Plant Stand Is the Key to Organizing Your Small Appliances

updated May 5, 2021
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Credit: Kaitlin Garske

Kitchn’s Senior Social Media Manager, Kaitlin Garske, confesses that she had a pantry problem: “I have always felt completely flummoxed by this large open space on the floor of my pantry. I felt like I was wasting that storage space. Because I don’t want to put food on the floor, appliances like my Instant Pot and air fryer were the only option. Just one problem: Everything is so much heavier when you have to dig them out of the dark depths of your pantry on your hands and knees!”

Enter: the Pennington 13-inch Wood Barrel Mover, an indoor/outdoor rolling contraption technically meant for potted plants (and equipment and other heavy objects), which completely upped the utility factor of Kaitlin’s pantry floor.

“It occurred to me that sliding them out would be so much easier, but I didn’t want to invest in anything custom or bust out the power tools. My thoughts immediately went, as they always do, to Home Depot. These cheap ($9!) plant rollers were such a nice surprise to discover.”

Credit: Kaitlin Garske

As you can see, the plant rollers turn a head-scratching pantry area into a no-brainer storage solution. Most importantly, they make it super easy to quickly pull out whatever appliance you want — without breaking your back. We’ll call this newfangled system … THE ELECTRIC SLIDE. (Sorry, we couldn’t help it!)

“This is embarrassing to admit, but I get a lot more use out of my appliances now that moving them in and out of their garage is so much easier. Another bonus is that they’re no longer covered in dog hair when I put them on the counter, as the rollers create a buffer between them and the floor.” Not only did these plant rollers make Kaitlin’s pantry more useful, but they also make her more likely to use her Instant Pot! (She swears by our Instant Pot Spaghetti recipe, by the way.)

These $9 plant rollers make me wish that I had a “pantry garage” too! What about you? How do you store your small-ish kitchen appliances?