50 Plant-Based Brands We Think Everyone Should Try in 2022

published Apr 4, 2022
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If you’ve shopped for groceries recently, you’ve probably noticed the influx of plant-based brands on shelves. They may even take up entire sections in your favorite store (or site, if you’re a virtual shopper). While plant-based meat and dairy products are leading the way, we’re seeing companies — big and small, new and long-established — invest and innovate across a range of food categories. And we are loving it.

We rounded up 50 plant-based brands that we think could be all-day, everyday staples for anyone: ready-made breakfasts, dinner shortcuts, frozen finds, snacks, meat and dairy alts, and more. You might already know and love a bunch of these brands (good for you!), but keep reading — you might learn about some new-to-you options too.

Of course, this list is, in no way, comprehensive; it’s just a jumping-off point to get us all thinking about eating more plants. That said, feel free to add more suggestions in the comments at the end of the post!

Credit: Plant Boss


Plant Boss (owned by Frontier Co-op), launched its meatless crumbles made from organic yellow peas in 2021. The shelf-stable offerings come in a variety of flavors, including Mild, Pico De Gallo, Southwest, All-Purpose, and Unseasoned. Since the initial launch, the company has already added burger and meatball mixes to its lineup, as well as sausages and breakfast sausages. Yum!

Buy: PLANT BOSS Pico de Gallo Plant Taco Meatless Crumbles, $4.88 for 3.35 ounces at Hive



SIMULATE, formerly known as Nuggs, first launched “the most advanced chicken nugget on the planet” in the summer of 2019. Since then the company has “released” several updates to its certified plant-based nuggets, made from wheat and soy. Release 1.2 replaced the circular-shaped nuggets with new nugget-like shapes, and the most recent Release 2.0 added improved chicken flavor and removed some ingredients. They’re pretty good! The company also makes Spicy and Dino-shaped nuggets (available in store only), Discs, and Wings.

Buy: NUGGS Plant-Based Nuggets, $44.99 for 64 ounces at SIMULATE

Credit: Gigantic

3. Gigantic!

These plant-based candy bars are so good, they get their own exclamation point. At just more than an inch wide and “about the length of a Pokemon card,” the gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan treats are big on bold flavors with “just a little bit of sweetness.” Choose from any of their four flavors — Salted Peanut, Hazelnut Cafe, Almond Horchata, and Banana Pecan — or sample “The Big Four” (aka them all).

Buy: Gigantic! Variety Pack, $27.99 for 8 (1.48-ounce) bars

Credit: Beyond Meat

4. Beyond Meat

If you’ve had a plant-based burger, chances are high the patty was made with Beyond Meat. Beyond patties and ground beef (pun intended!), the company also makes sausages, breakfast sausages, meatballs, beef crumbles, and breaded chicken tenders, which launched last year. Their “meat” is made using “five key components,” which include protein (peas, mung beans, faba beans, brown rice), fats (cocoa butter, coconut oil, canola oil), carbs (potato starch, methylcellulose), minerals (calcium, iron, salt, potassium chloride), and flavors (beet juice, apple extract). Beyond Meat also partners with other brands and retailers, like Thrive Market, to create plant-based snack and meal options.

Buy: Beyond Meat Beyond Beef Plant-Based Ground, $9.99 for 16 ounces at Thrive Market

Credit: THIS PKN


Did you know that farmers struggle to sell pecan pieces at a consistent price? That, plus the fact that pecans are a driver for water conservation, inspired founder Laura Shenkar to launch THIS PKN. The dairy-free, vegan milk is made from pecans grown in Texas and is keto-friendly, gluten-free, non-GMO, and kosher. It’s currently available in two flavors: Original and Chocolate

Buy: THIS PKN Chocolate Pecan Milk, $9.49 for 32 ounces at Amazon

Credit: Eat Just

6. JUST Egg

JUST Egg makes fluffy, scrambled eggs free of cholesterol, artificial flavors, and industrial chicken farms. Made from plants, specifically mung beans, you might have seen the bright yellow bottle of liquid eggs in the refrigerated section near the conventional eggs (or in the plant-based section, if that’s how your grocer does things). The company also sells its eggs in folded form as well as two sous vide egg bites (inspired by America and Mexico), all of which can be found in the freezer section. 

Buy: JUST Egg Plant Based Scramble, $4.89 for 12 ounces at Target

Credit: Omni Foods

7. OmniFoods

The makers of Asia’s top vegan pork brand, OmniFoods’ Omni Pork launched in the U.S. last year in Whole Foods and Sprouts stores across 16 and 23 states, respectively (it’s since expanded to other retailers). Researched and developed over two years by a team of food scientists in Canada, OmniPork is made with a proprietary blend of plant-based proteins from peas, non-GMO soy, shiitake mushrooms, and rice. You can find the vegan pork in the freezer section in three varieties: Ground, Strips, and Luncheon.  

Buy: OmniPork Plant-Based Pork-Style Strips, $6.49 for 6 ounces at GTFO It’s Vegan

Credit: Real Food From The Ground Up

8. From The Ground Up

Talk about a growth spurt! Launched in 2018 with its cauliflower snacks, including crackers and pretzels, From The Ground Up has since added stalks and tortilla chips to the mix (in 2019), refreshed its packaging with “a bright and bold new look,” and expanded its butternut squash offerings (in 2020). And just last year, the company added a third veggie to its main ingredient list (carrots) and a fifth snack subcategory (chips!). The plant-based snacks are non-GMO Project Verified, vegan- and gluten-free certified, and a favorite of one of our regular contributors. 

Buy: From The Ground Up Cheddar Cauliflower Crackers, $3.99 for 4 ounces at Thrive Market

Credit: Hope Foods

9. Hope Foods

If you lived in Boulder back in 2010, you might recall seeing Hope Foods at the Boulder County Farmers Market. The company started selling its Spicy Avocado Hummus and has since added seven hummus flavors, and launched guacamole and cashew and almond dips to its line of vegan- and gluten-free products. The expansion proved so successful, Hope Foods was acquired by Savencia Fromage & Dairy, a French food company late last year.

Buy: Hope Foods Spicy Avocado Hummus, $3.79 for 8 ounces at Amazon 

Credit: No Evil Foods

10. No Evil Foods

In 2014, founders Sadrah Schadel and Mike Woliansky rolled a cooler full of plant meat to an Asheville, North Carolina farmers market. Since then, No Evil Foods has become the world’s first Certified Plastic Negative plant-based meat brand; it’s also a Certified Fair Chance Business. The company sells its five plant meats — pulled pork, chorizo, and more — across the country. The products can be a little hard to find, but the company says its got a new look and new products are hitting shelves soon.

Buy: No Evil Foods El Capitán Chorizo, $6.99 for 10 ounces at Vejii

Credit: Elmhurst

11. Elmhurst

First established in 1925 as a dairy company, Elmhurst swapped cows for plants and, in 2017, reemerged as a plant milk company. Today, it sells a mix of nut milks and creamers, including almond, cashew (a 2021 Kitchn Essential winner), hazelnut, walnut, and pistachio (which launched this past September). It also sells milks and creamers made with oats. All of the products are vegan, Non-GMO Project Verified, kosher, and gluten-free certified. 

Buy: Elmhurst Unsweetened Milked Cashews, $5.49 for 32 ounces at Thrive Market 

Credit: Daring Foods

12. Daring Foods

Founded by people who were “raised on chicken,” Daring’s mission is “making chicken better by making it from plants.” Sold in colorful pouches, the line includes four products: Original, Cajun, Lemon & Herb, which emulate grilled chicken, and Breaded, which is similar to a classic chicken nugget. Made with soy, sunflower oil, and a mix of natural flavors and spices, all are vegan and gluten-free, with the exception of the breaded, which does contain gluten.

Buy: Daring Plant-Based Chicken Variety Pack, $31.16 for 4 pouches at Thrive Market

Credit: Frieda's

13. Frieda’s

In 1962, Dr. Frieda Rapoport Caplan became the first woman in the U.S. to own and operate a produce company on the L.A. Wholesale Produce Market. During her decades-long career, she’s introduced more than 200 fruits and vegetables to American supermarkets, as well as a variety of vegetarian and vegan products. Frieda’s Soyrizo, which has been in stores for more than a decade (and is also a 2021 Kitchn Essential), is her company’s plant-based alternative to Mexican chorizo. It’s made with soy and is vegan, gluten- and nitrite-free, and non-GMO. 

Buy: Frieda’s Soyrizo, $3.68 for 12 ounces at Walmart

Credit: Fabalish

14. Fabalish

Founded by natural food chef Jessica Gebel, Fabalish creates baked falafel and plant-based condiments using chickpeas and aquafaba (the liquid that comes in your can of chickpeas!). The heat-and-eat falafel are available in two flavors (Zesty Zucchini and Spicy Carrot) and pair well with any one of the four dips and sauces (Queso, Ranch, Tzatziki, and Fab-a-Dip, the company’s award-winning, signature condiment). All products are top eight allergen-free, gluten-free, and full of flavor. 

Buy: Fabalish Zesty Zucchini Falafel, $10.49 for 10 ounces at Instacart

Credit: Violife Foods

15. Violife

Originating from vios, the Greek word for life, Violife has been making vegan, non-dairy foods since the ’90s and, just last year, introduced a chocolatey spread to its cheesy lineup. All the products are free of lactose, GMO, gluten, nuts, soy, preservatives, and cholesterol. The variety of cheeses includes Parmesan, cheddar, mozzarella (which also made the 2021 list of Kitchn Essentials), feta, and more in blocks, slices, wedges, and shreds, plus a number of cream cheeses.

Buy: Violife Just Like Feta Block, $5.69 for 8.1 ounces at Instacart 

Credit: Core and Rind

16. Core & Rind

Founders Rita Childers and Candi Haas started selling 12 different items at their local Farmers Market in St. Louis, Missouri, in 2016, including an early variation of the Cashew Cheesy Sauces the company sells today. Customers loved it, so the two spent the next year and half perfecting a shelf-stable version of the plant-based sauce (on top of years of trial and error!). Today, Core & Rind makes three different sauces — Sharp & Tangy, Bold & Spicy, and Rich & Smoky — that are gluten-, soy-, preservative-, and additive-free, as well as Non-GMO Project Verified.

Buy: Core & Rind  Rich & Smoky Cashew Cheesy Sauce, $9.49 for 11 ounces at Thrive Market

Credit: Actual Veggies

17. Actual Veggies

These chef-created, vibrant burgers are filled with vegetables sourced directly from farmers. Each quarter-pound, thick-cut patty is made with plant-only ingredients and is vegan, and soy-, nut-, and gluten-free. There are no preservatives or dyes either. Choose from The Actual Green, Purple, Orange, or Black Burger or the company’s newest options for the morning: The Actual Pink or Blue Breakfast Burger. They all feature a different assortment of veggies.

Buy: Actual Veggies The Actual Black Burger, $6.89 for 8 ounces at Instacart

Credit: AKUA

18. AKUA 

Brooklyn-based AKUA creates plant-based foods from locally sourced and regeneratively ocean-farmed kelp in New England. Cofounded by Courtney Boyd Myers, the company launched “the world’s first Kelp Burger” in 2021 in frozen patties and ground meat forms. (Its first product, Kelp Jerky, launched in 2019 and comes in four flavors: Sesame & Nori Sea Salt, Rosemary & Maple BBQ, Spicy Chili & Lime, and Hibachi Teriyaki.) 

Buy: AKUA The Kelp Burger, $7.34 for 3.35 ounces at Instacart

Credit: Táche

19. Táche Pistachio Milk

As a first-generation Iranian American, pistachios were a mainstay in Roxana Saidi’s kitchen when she was growing up. In 2015, she started making pistachio milk at home as an alternative to almond milk and launched Táche, a vegan plant-based milk company made without any added oils, five years later. The milks, which use pistachios sourced from fourth-generation family farmers, are available in Original and Original Unsweetened blends. They each have a shelf life of 12 months and come in recyclable packaging (they were also a 2021 Kitchn Essentials winner).

Buy: Táche Pistachio Milk, $7.79 for 32 ounces at Thrive Market 

Credit: Impossible Foods

20. Impossible Foods

Another plant-based burger powerhouse, Impossible Foods launched its take on a beefy burger a few years ago to rave reviews. Like Beyond Meat, the company has since expanded its line to include sausage (in ground and patty form), chicken nuggets, meatballs, and pork (currently only available in restaurants), and has collaborated with other brands and retailers across an array of categories. There’s clear overlap (both companies rely on coconut oil as a fat source), but the biggest difference is the protein source, which, in the case of Impossible, is mainly derived from soy.

Buy: Impossible Foods Impossible Burger Made From Plants, $5.99 for 12 ounces at Instacart

Credit: Spero Foods

21. Spero Foods

A former engineer with a background in biosciences from Cornell, Phaedra Randolph founded Spero in 2018 to “completely disrupt the dairy sector.” It’s the first and only company to make cream cheese and cheese spreads using sunflower seeds (the key ingredient uses 96% less water than nuts, according to the website) available in eight varieties, including The Original, The Goat, and The Herb. It also announced its plant-based egg, which is made from pepitas, is coming to stores soon.

Buy: Spero The Goat Alternative Goat Cheese, $5.99 for 6.5 ounces at Instacart

Credit: Atlantic Natural Foods

22. Loma Linda

Named after the community in California, Loma Linda has been making plant-based foods from soy protein since 1890. More than 100 years later, the company, whose parent company Atlantic Natural Foods was acquired by Above Food in Canada last November, makes a mix of 12 ready-to-eat dishes and meal starters, including Ultimate Vegetarian Chili, Tikka Masala, Pad Thai, Taco Filling, and more — all are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and ready in 60 seconds! In addition to canned seafood, the company announced three plant-based canned chicken products will be coming soon.

Buy: Loma Linda Ultimate Vegetarian Chili, $9.99 for 10 ounces at Amazon 

Credit: Culina

23. Culina

Right before going dairy-free, founder Erin Asaad learned how to make yogurt from her best friend’s mom. Culina now makes eight different flavors of vegan yogurts — Strawberry Rose (the original flavor), Plain & Simple, Bourbon Vanilla, and more — using organic coconut as the base. The yogurts are made with mostly organic, kosher, and non-GMO ingredients, and the company is currently working on organic and kosher certifications.

Credit: SOMOS Foods


This Mexican food company was founded by a group of three friends — including KIND Snacks founder Daniel Lubetzky — who grew up in Mexico eating chilaquiles, cooking tacos, and loving their mothers’ home cooking. Years later, they started SOMOS to create plant-based, ready-to-eat foods that honor Mexico’s rich culinary traditions. The pouches, including Mexican Peacadillo (made from peas!), Cauliflower Tinga, and Smoky Chipotle Mushrooms, replace the typical meat fare (looking at you, beef) and are sold as part of meal kits for tacos, tostadas, nachos, and chilaquiles. They launched earlier this year with a wait list, but currently everything is fully stocked and available!) Be sure to check out the tortilla chips, and salsas, too. 

Buy: SOMOS Mexican Peacadillo Taco Kit, $45 for 4 servings at SOMOS

Credit: Miyoko's Creamery

25. Miyoko’s Creamery

Founded by Miyoko Schinner, an epicurean activist, cheesemaker, celebrity chef, and best-selling cookbook author, Miyoko’s makes vegan butters and cheeses using cashew milk, among other ingredients. This butter, which also made the 2021 list of Kitchn Essentials, is an editor favorite and is great in cookies, cobblers, pancakes, and more. As for the cheeses, the company sells a variety of mozzarella, including this liquid version that launched last year, plus two roadhouse cheddars, five cream cheese flavors, and eight different cheese wheels!

Buy: Miyoko’s Creamery Cultured Vegan Butter, $7.99 for 8 ounces at Amazon

Credit: Mother Raw

26. Mother Raw

It all started with a salad dressing. In 2010, founder Michelle Kopman was frustrated with the selection, so she made her own line of refrigerated dressings and marinades. Since then, the company (originally RawFoodz and later rebranded to Mother Raw in 2019) has expanded into plant-based dips, including three quesos (Original, Spicy, and Nacho), and condiments. All of the products are free of soy, nuts, dairy, gluten, and refined sugar and are USDA certified organic and non-GMO.

Buy: Mother Raw Greek Dressing, $4.99 for 8 ounces at Amazon

Credit: Wholly Veggie

27. Wholly Veggie

Founded on a mission, in part, to create a more sustainable food system Wholly Veggie uses vegetables, simple seasonings, and chef-inspired recipes in its appetizers and bites, heat-and-eat meals, pizzas (and plain crusts made from cauliflower or sweet potato), and patties. Free of additives, preservatives, gluten, soy, and GMOs, the products are also vegan, with the exception of the patties, which each contain a bit of egg white. (The sweet curry carrot patties also contain honey.) The company also offers two “best-seller” bundles, which includes six different products, plus a recipe booklet.

Buy: Wholly Veggie Sweet Potato Popcorn, $8.79 for 11.4 ounces at GTFO It’s Vegan 

Credit: JOI

28. JOI

JOI started off as a thesis project after three graduate students-turned-founders discovered they each made their own almond milk by hand — for different reasons! Since then, the company has developed plant-based concentrates from non-GMO Project Verified oats, almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts that, once added to water, turn into milk. (The vegan, gluten-free, and shelf-stable concentrates are sold in base (paste) and powder forms.) To further minimize its impact on the environment, JOI sources its all aspects of the product — ingredients, materials, and packaging — within the U.S.

Buy: JOI Organic Oat Milk Powder, $15.99 for 11.29 ounces at JOI

Credit: Misha's Kind Foods

29. Misha’s Kind Foods

Founded by longtime friends Aaron Bullock and chef Ian Martin, Los Angeles-based Misha’s makes vegan, lactose- and gluten-free, and kosher pareve cheeses from a cashew and almond milk base blended with various locally sourced fresh herbs, vegetables, and spices. As part of its commitment to make dairy alternative foods more accessible for all, this past February, the company announced it was lowering its prices by more than 10% to help offset the recent rise in prices. Currently, there are seven varieties, including Lox and Sari cream cheeses and Black Truffle cheese. Limited-edition and seasonal flavors will also pop up throughout the year.

Buy: Misha’s Kind Foods Sari Non-Dairy Cream Cheese, $13.49 for 8 ounces at GTFO It’s Vegan 

Credit: Sempio Foods Company

30. Yondu

This savory seasoning sauce adds pure vegetable umami to dishes. A three-month fermentation of soybeans creates the base that’s then blended with simmered vegetable broth. The result: a shortcut to flavor. (Some of the best restaurants in the world already know this!) It’s vegan, gluten-free, organic, non-GMO, and a great plant-based alternative for bouillon, concentrated stocks, fish sauce, or dashi. Use it in broths, soups, stir-fries, pastas, salads, and more.

Buy: Yondu Vegetable Umami, $5.99 for 5.1 ounces

Credit: Lightlife Foods

31. Lightlife Foods

Launched in an old, converted car wash, Lightlife, then called Tempeh Works, launched the first tempeh product into the mainstream market. More than 40 years later, the company’s lineup of plant-based products also includes burgers, hot dogs, breakfast and dinner sausages, deli slices, ground meat, chicken tenders, and, yes, more. All products are Non-GMO Project Verified and use a mix of soy and pea protein. The company is also carbon-neutral and currently working towards a zero-carbon footprint.

Buy: Lightlife Foods Smart Dogs Plant-Based Hot Dogs, $4.99 for 12 ounces at Amazon

Credit: Daiya Foods

32. Daiya

Friends for more than 20 years, Andre Kroecher and Greg Blake debuted Daiya Cheddar Style and Mozzarella Style Shreds at the Natural Products Expo West in 2009. Since then, the company’s plant-based line has expanded to frozen burritos, pizzas, and desserts, plus shelf-stable items, including mac and cheeses (the latest of which launched earlier this year!), dressings, and more. All of the products are free of common allergens: soy, dairy, gluten, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts (except coconut).

Buy: Daiya Four Cheeze Style with Herbs Deluxe Mac & Cheeze, $3.59 for 10.6 ounces at Thrive Market

Credit: MOKU

33. Moku Foods

Founder Matt Feldman teamed up with two renowned culinary experts to develop this plant-based jerky company. Launched in December of 2020, Moku Foods started with three flavors: Original, Hawaiian Teriyaki, and Sweet & Spicy (there’s also a variety pack available). The jerky is made with king oyster mushrooms, sunflower oil, coconut aminos, maple syrup, pineapple juice, chickpea miso, among other ingredients and is non-GMO, vegan, soy, and gluten free. 

Buy: Moku Foods Original Plant-Based Jerky, $5.99 for 2 ounces at Thrive Market

Credit: Field + Farmer

34. Field + Farmer 

As a way to reduce waste, the folks at an indoor urban farm in Chicago, then called Farmed Here, started using leftover basil to make salad dressing. The dressing was a huge hit, leading the company to shift focus from growing produce to creating plant-based products made with premium, local-sourced ingredients. (In 2019, the company officially changed its name to Field + Farmer.) Since then, its expanded its dressing offerings to eight, including Caesar, Ranch, and Lemon Garlic Basil, and added dips, juices, and refrigerated plant-based bars to the line up.

Buy: Field + Farmer Sweet Basil Vinaigrette, $3.99 for 12 ounces at Amazon

Credit: Painted Plate

35. Otherworld

Founders Jen and Joe met in college and have been friends for more than a decade. After bonding over their shared appreciation for pancakes and waffles, they teamed up with chefs and registered dietitians to create “tastiest, healthiest, and most environmentally-friendly pancake and waffle mixes” they could. Launched last November, these mixes require just one additional ingredient — water — and come in four flavors, including Original, Apple Cinnamon, Banana Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate.

Buy: Otherworld Original Plant-Based Pancake and Waffle Mix, $40 for 3 (14 ounce) tins at Otherworld

Credit: Kellogg

36. MorningStar Farms

Founded in 1974, and sold to Kellogg’s in 1999, MorningStar Farms has been bringing plant-based and vegan options to the freezer aisle for more than 40 years. Recently, MorningStar Farms released its Incogmeato line of products, which includes chik’n tenders and nuggets, burgers (patties and ground beef), and a mix of sausages and breakfast sausages. This is in addition to the company’s namesake products that also includes burgers and chik’n, as well as dogs, breakfast foods, meal starters, and appetizers. And there’s more to come this year!

Buy: MorningStar Farms Incogmeato Incogmeato Chik’n Nuggets, $6.29 for 13.5 ounces at Instacart

Credit: Mill It Farms

37. Mill It Farms

Founded in 2018, Mill It was the first plant-based buttermilk and buttermilk dressings — available in Classic Ranch, Creamy Italian, and Thousand Island — to be sold online and in stores. The company uses a proprietary blend of ancient grains, which include millet and sorghum, to match the taste, texture, and consistency of dairy. All of the products are non-GMO, and dairy-, soy-, and gluten-free. 

Buy: Mill It Farms Plant-Based Buttermilk Classic Ranch Dressing, $5.69 for 12 ounces at Vegan Essentials

Credit: Bitchin' Sauce

38. Bitchin’ Sauce

Chefs and Kitchn readers alike are fans of this creamy, vegan dip company founded by husband and wife duo Starr & L.A. Edwards (the duo also have a record label: Bitchin’ Music Group). Initially only selling the almond-based dips in the farmers markets in and around San Diego, the company now sells 10 flavors — including Original, Chipotle, and Bombay — at retailers across the country and online. In 2020, Bitchin’ also launched a line of sweet sauces, squeezers, and snack pairs.  

Buy: Bombay Bitchin’ Sauce, $5.49 for 8 ounces at Amazon

Credit: The Urgent Company

39. Modern Kitchen

While Modern Kitchen doesn’t make milk … yet, it is shaking things up in the dairy aisle with its line of vegan-friendly cream cheese. Made with an animal-free whey protein from its partners at Perfect Day, the company includes a “contains milk allergen” label on the products because, according to the website, the non-animal whey protein has the same molecular structure as whey from cow’s milk. The cream cheese spreads are cholesterol- and lactose-free, and come in three delicious flavors: Strawberry, Spring Onion + Chive, and Harissa Pepper.

Credit: Field Roast

40. Field Roast

Known for its line of savory sausages, Field Roast got its start in 1997, then called The Field Roast Grains Meat Company, selling savory loaves of bread in the deli case of a local co-op in Seattle. Since then, the company has expanded into breakfast sausages, burgers, hot dogs, appetizers, deli slices, cheeses, and more. While not all products are gluten-free (wheat protein is one of the main ingredients in the plant-based meats), the company is Non-GMO Project Verified and carbon neutral and currently working towards a zero-carbon footprint. 

Buy: Field Roast Smoked Apple Sage Sausages, $4.99 for 12.95 ounces at Instacart

Credit: Conagra

41. Gardein

Founded by chef Yves Potvin in 2003, and later acquired by ConAgra in 2018, Gardein has a combined 19 different plant-based chicken and turkey products, including wings, strips, tenders, nuggets, and patties, among others. But wait, there’s more! Made with a variety of protein sources, including soy, pea, wheat gluten and grain, the company also has beefless and porkless options (three of which are gluten-free), fishless filets and crab cakes, as well as frozen meals (and fun collabs), soups, chilis, and jerky. Basically, you have options!

Buy: Gardein Plant Based F’sh Filets, $4.99 for 10.1 ounces at Amazon

Credit: Hodo

42. Hodo

Like several other brands on this list, Hodo started as one stall at a farmers market. This one was in San Francisco, California, 15 years ago after founder Minh Tsai decided he wanted to make the organic artisan foods he grew up eating in Vietnam, but found elusive in the U.S. Today, the company makes a mix of ready-to-eat (burgers, crumbles, nuggets, noodles) and ready-to-cook (tofu and yuba blocks, cubes, sheets) products with certified organic beans and plants grown on American farms. 

Buy: Hodo Chermoula Moroccan Tofu Cubes, $4.49 for 8 ounces at Amazon



The folks at HLTHPUNK set out to “create flavor-forward modern pantry staples that contribute to a much bigger picture.” The company’s plant-based condiments — UFO Burger Sauce and Plant Based Mayo — are made with sunflower oil and oat milk and are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-, soy-, and lactose-free, with no preservatives or refined sugars. (The mayo made our 2021 list of Kitchn Essentials.) In addition to condiments, the company sells a mix of pastes for cooking, including harissa chili and tomato

Buy: HLTHPUNK Plant Based Mayo, $7.95 for 4.8 ounces at Hive

Credit: OZO

44. OZO

OZO launched its first batch of plant-based proteins in June 2020, including burgers and ground meat — just in time for summer. Since then, the company has added breakfast sausages, meatballs, breaded chicken nuggets, to name a few, and earlier this year, chicken cutlets and shreds. The products are made from a mix of pea, rice, and soy proteins (and fermented by shiitake mushrooms) and are vegan certified. Several are also non-GMO Project Verified.

Buy: OZO Plant-Based Breakfast Sausages, $8.79 for 1.67 ounces at Instacart

Credit: Sproud

45. Sproud

Founded in 2018 in Sweden, Sproud’s vegan milk is made with pea protein from dried, yellow peas that are grown and harvested in the latter stages of summer by farmers in France and Canada. It’s free from allergens, lactose, nuts, soy, and GMO, and is shelf-stable (it’s also the #1 plant-based milk drank in Sweden!). The milks have a creamy texture and a neutral taste and are available in four flavors: Original, Barista, Unsweetened, and Chocolate

Buy: Sproud Barista Plant-Based Milk, $9.99 for 33.8 ounces at Amazon

Credit: Wonderlab's Doozy Pots

46. Wonderlab’s Doozy Pots

Founded by Kirsten Sutaria, a food scientist who worked at Ben & Jerry’s and developed their vegan line, and her husband, Karl, in 2019, the company aims to “craft the most delightful plant-based treats from ingredients that are kind to the earth and its communities.” The creamy gelatos are made with hemp and oats and currently available in six classic and bold flavors, including Vanilla Bean, Smooth Coffee, Chocolate Raspberry Swirl, and Banana Cinnamon Date.

Credit: Plant Snacks

47. Plant Snacks

These tortilla chips and plant thins pack serious flavor and crunch. Both are vegan, Non-GMO Project Verified, certified gluten-free, have no added sugar, and are free of the big allergens (milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, and sesame). The tortilla chips come in Lime, Ranch, Nacho, and Sea Salt; the plant thins come in Super Seed Mix, Beet with Goat Cheese, Cheddar, and Sea Salt.

Buy: Plant Snacks Sea Salt Plant Thins, $3.69 for 5 ounces at Instacart

Credit: Hooray Foods

48. Hooray

Another relative newcomer, Hooray made its retail debut in October 2020 at 300 Whole Foods locations (it was available in restaurants prior to that and is now sold in various other chains). The plant-based bacon is free of soy and gluten and is made from coconut oil, rice flour, tapioca starch, liquid smoke, umami seasoning, maple syrup, salt, and beet juice concentrate. It cooks up crispy in a pan in just three minutes, in its own fat — no oil needed!

Buy: Hooray Foods Plant-Based Bacon, $8.29 for 5 ounces at PlantX

Credit: Ilinel Food Co

49. Casa Verde

Founder Harry Lewis started Casa Verde to share his love of delicious and wholesome plant-based Latin foods with communities across the Americas. This past December, the company launched four recipes created by Chef Jose Garces: Red Bean Pozole, Coconut Chowder, Lentil Mole, and Garbanzos Al Pastor. All of the ingredients used in Casa Verde meals are plant-based, organic, sustainably sourced, kosher, and non-GMO.

Buy: Casa Verde Variety Pack, $18.97 for 4 meals at Casa Verde 

Credit: Willa's Kitchen

50. Willa’s 

Named after their grandma and inspired by her original recipe, founders Christina and Elena created an organic, sustainably produced, shelf-stable oat milk that uses the entire whole-grain oat. The plant-based milk is available in four flavors: Original, Creamy, Dark Chocolate, and Barista, which launched earlier this year. 

Buy: Willa’s Unsweetened Original Oat Milk, $39.99 for 6 cartons at Willa’s

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