Planetware Wants You to Eat from Plates Made of Plants

updated May 30, 2019
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(Image credit: Ethos Planetware)

Most of the eco-friendly options for plastic dinnerware out there come from recycled plastic. All those old yogurt and deli containers become the perfect picnic place settings. But what about plastic dishes you can use at home?

Our green crowd-funding project today (in honor of Earth Day) is Planetware, a project that aims to create a line of dinnerware that’s made completely from plants.

(Image credit: Ethos Planetware)

The dishes are made from sustainable bamboo, rice husks, and compostable bioplastic made from cornstarch. In addition to that, all of the dyes that Planetware uses are made from natural sources as well. They are offering five colors at launch:

(Image credit: Ethos Planetware)

What’s most impressive though is how durable Planetware purports to be. Not only is it shatterproof, but you can run it through the dishwasher and use it in the microwave. We’re interested to see how well it holds up to frequent use and several trips through the dishwasher.

(Image credit: Ethos Planetware)

The other impressive thing about Planetware is that it’s completely compostable. So if you decide that it’s not for you in the end, you can get rid of it knowing it will compost completely in two years, according to the company. (We’re betting that this is in commercial composting, and not in your backyard composter.)

For the Kickstarter project, Planetware is offering a four-piece place setting that includes a glass, a bowl, a salad plate, and a dinner plate, along with a travel mug for your morning coffee. Our only gripe with the travel mug is that it’s not the kind you can drink from en route.

What Will It Take to Make Planetware a Reality?

What do you think of Planetware’s plant-based dishes? Will you fund their project?