Plan It or Wing It: What Kind of Food Traveler Are You?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As you read this, I’m on a cross-country train trip from Seattle to visit my boyfriend’s family in New Jersey. I’ve never been on a train for more than a few hours, and I initially had some hesitations about the trip. But it seemed like an adventure and we’re both due for a good adventure. However, I’m not going to lie: I’m nervous about the food. To plan or not to plan? To be a touch neurotic or to just go with the flow? These are the questions I’m facing as I sit here putting our mail on hold and tying up loose ends.

I think for people who really love food, like myself and like many of you, facing a multi-day trip where you know you’ll have little to no control over the food can be a little, um, anxiety-inducing. I want to be a much cooler, calmer person and just enjoy what comes to me, but instead I usually find myself stocking up on trail mix in the bulk aisle and shoving apples into every nook and cranny of my carry-on.

On this trip, I’ve decided to try and find a balance: I am bringing said trail mix, some crackers, a few energy bars and a bottle of wine (apparently Amtrak lets you bring wine and the bottles they sell on board are quite pricey). But I’m keeping an open mind about meals on board, and I’m trying not to let minor food anxiety color the spirit of adventure.

When you travel, do you plan ahead for en route snacks and meals or just trust you’ll find things along the way?

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(Image: Ian Britton)