Place Your Weight Loss Bet For a Lose/Win Situation

published Mar 31, 2016
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(Image credit: Healthywage)

Most of us want to live healthier lives. Maybe we want to run a 5k, learn to love kale, sleep more, drink more (water, that is), walk more, improve our nutrition or maybe even lose some weight. It’s 100% possible (and it usually helps) to love home cooking while losing weight. According to recent research, the rewards for cooking at home include better health and fewer calories on average. But that reward can also be financial…

Sure, sure you’re saving money by not splurging at spendy restaurants night after night, but it’s also possible to sign up for better health, lose some weight, and win some cash while doing it.

(Image credit: Healthywage)

HealthyWage offers cash prizes for successfully achieving weight loss and activity goals. You make a wager on the weight loss goal of your choice (say, $50/month that you’ll lose at least 30lbs within 6 months) and you get to work! You choose your weight loss goal, how much you’re willing to wager that you’ll achieve it, and the timeframe that you’ll achieve it in, and HealthyWage provides the incentive. There’s even a calculator that you can use to figure out the biggest return on your healthy weight loss investment.

(Image credit: Healthywage)

They provide tools, support and (importantly) accountability to help get you to your goal. When you achieve your goal, you win your money back, PLUS an additional cash prize. Research has shown that betting on yourself increases your likelihood of success, even more than the opportunity to win a prize at the end. HealthyWage posts success stories to help prove it. Pair your efforts in the kitchen with your efforts on the scale, and let’s see what a little investment in yourself can yield!

As a special deal, HealthyWage is offering The Kitchn readers an additional $50 prize bonus to be added when you win your challenge. Sign up by April 15th to get the bonus!