Place Your iPad Out Of Harm’s Way With a Pegboard

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Pegboard is a great resource for kitchen organization, especially in small spaces, but it pulls double duty as an iPad holder in this kitchen. Garrett Tillman needed a place to keep things safe, clean and free of messes and spills and we not only love the look, but think it has more electronic storage possibilities.

In our kitchen we use all sorts of electronics. Some aide in cooking, others keep us in touch with friends and family and others are always on hand while we’re creating blog posts. At any given time we have our Blackberry, laptop and iPad (it’s a problem ok?) and just last week we spent a solid 15 minutes getting 00Flour out from between the keys of… well… everything.

A set up like this would allow you to hold multiple items at a time, all of which should be above the splatter zone. Just make sure your pegboard is fastened properly to the wall and you should be good to go.

Thanks Garrett!

(via: Craftzine)
(ImageL Gregg Tillman for Craftzine)