3 Things You Should Always Ask for When Ordering Pizza for a Party

3 Things You Should Always Ask for When Ordering Pizza for a Party

Lisa Freedman
Mar 5, 2018
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There is no bigger crowd-pleaser than a piping-hot pizza. Literally no one has ever gone to a party and lamented to their friends that they wish the host had served something else instead of pizza. And pizza works for every kind of event, from a casual, Saturday night get-together to a more official birthday party for a 35-year-old coworker.

It's hard to mess up ordering a pizza — as long as you order enough (see: The Right Amount of Pizza to Order for a Party). But you can do an even better job if you ask for these three things when you place the order.

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1. Ask for the double cut.

This is technically a tip we give if the pizza is for little kids, but it's a good idea for adults in a few scenarios. Maybe you're getting a lot of different types of pizzas and people might want to try a few of each? A double cut allows guests to have a little bit of each pie. Or maybe you're worried you're not going to have enough seats for everyone to sit down and eat? A double cut makes a slice more manageable for people who may have to eat while standing. People who don't like the double cut can just take two and pretend it's a whole slice.

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2. Get the pies well-done.

Even if the pizza is just for you on a random Tuesday night, we almost always recommend asking for the pizza to be well-done. A not-so-well-done pizza can get soggy (read: messy), which makes it especially hard for people to eat in a party setting. A slightly longer stint in the oven will create a firmer crust that holds up.

3. See if they'll give you some Parmesan on the side.

Most pizza places are happy to give you a few Solo cups (the ones your favorite takeout place uses for salad dressing) full of Parmesan cheese. You can use a fork to poke holes into the lid to create a makeshift shaker of sorts, or put the stuff in a small bowl with a spoon. Trust us, people will be pumped to see it when they go to grab a slice.

Do you ask for these things? Do you ask for anything else? Tell us in the comments below!

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