I Tried This Surprising TikTok Hack and It’s Super Handy for Prepping Veggies

published May 6, 2023
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

Some of us have pro chef-level knife skills, and some of us (who, me?) look down at a veritable hack job after chopping broccoli florets. Luckily, for those of us who are, er, still learning how to wield a knife, there’s a new TikTok hack for cutting vegetables using an unconventional tool: a pizza slicer. 

User @sidneyraz, known for his series on “Things I Didn’t Know Until I Was in My 30s,” took on trying a standard pizza slicer to cut vegetables in his latest cooking hack video — testing out the process on mushrooms and green bell peppers. While the mushrooms came out a bit messier than you’d hope for in a pretty plating competition, the bell peppers held up surprisingly well — Sidney was able to slice through those smoothly at a speedy pace. 

Call me intrigued — I had to try this trick out for myself. For my testing purposes, I also used a standard, smooth-sided pizza slicer. I tried broccoli first, which is one of my least favorite vegetables to chop. While the thicker stalks of the head of broccoli were not the right match for the slicer, I was able to smoothly roll the tool back and forth over the floret-end of the head — achieving both whole florets and chopped pieces that would work well in a pasta, stir-fry, or pizza! 

Next up, I tried Sidney’s vegetable of choice: the bell pepper. I was able to halve and quarter the pepper with the slicer alone, flipping the pieces skin-side down for a more precise slice. I was able to achieve both long stalks of pepper that would work well for dipping, as well as a smaller dice that could be mixed into an omelet.

While I wouldn’t necessarily sub out my chef’s knife for a pizza slicer on a permanent basis (the rounded shape of the blade wouldn’t work well with harder vegetables like carrots, and you do need to be careful that you have enough grip on the produce and your pizza slicer to cut safely), I do think that it’s a handy tool to cut vegetables without dirtying another utensil or when you’re making a homemade pizza! 

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