Pizza & Popcorn! Menu for Friday Night Pizza and a Movie

Pizza & Popcorn! Menu for Friday Night Pizza and a Movie

Emma Christensen
Feb 28, 2013

Pizza? Check! Popcorn? Check! Netflix movie? Check! There were far too many of those Oscar movies that we didn't see, and this Friday seems like the perfect time to remedy that situation. Send out the email alert: it's time for a Pizza Night.

Southwestern Pizza with Black Beans and Corn

The Scene:

It's Friday night. The weekend is stretching out before you. Time for pizza and a movie in the comfort of your living room. No need to plan ahead — text your best movie-watching amigos with the "when" and "where" details before you leave work on Friday and pick up the ingredients on your way home.

Cheesy, Spicy Popcorn

Make It Happen:

Nothing in this menu absolutely has to be done ahead, even the pizza dough, but if you do find yourself with a free evening, you can prep the salad (it will keep fabulously in the fridge) and make the no-bake nutella cookies (ditto on the refrigeration). You can make the ginger ale syrup to mix with sparkling water later — or you can actually go the whole nine-yards and ferment it! 

We love our quick-fix pizza dough, linked above, and even picking up dough at the store is fine by us. But Peter Reinhardt's overnight pizza dough also makes a stellar pizza. Here's more about it if you feel so inclined: Peter Reinhardt's Best Pizza Dough Ever.

On to movie night! Step one: Get the oven cranking. It will have time to get nice and toasty as you prep everything else. Get the pizzas and their toppings ready to go next, assembly-line style. While those are baking, you can make the salad, the popcorn, and the cookies (if you haven't already done so).

These recipes also lend themselves to group participation, so get your friends and family members in on the cooking action. It's Friday night, so pour the first round of drinks while you're getting the food together and let the evening roll onwards from there.

What are your favorite pizzas for movie night?

No-Bake Nutella Peanut Butter Cookies

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