This Popular Olive Oil We Love Has Only a Limited Supply Left — and We Got You an Exclusive Discount

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Olive oil bottles surrounded by ramekins of olive oil on table with sliced baguette on cutting board. Someone dipping bread into olive oil.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

Olive oil has become a remarkably buzz-worthy food in the past few years. It’s used almost as much for drizzling and flavoring as it is for cooking, and the most coveted brands frequently go out of stock among clamoring fans. Olive oil is no longer just some pantry staple that cooks measure out in “glugs.” One of our editors’ favorite olive oils to splurge on goes by the name Piro. It’s cold-pressed in Tuscany, Italy and usually goes for $59 a bottle, but right now you can snag one of these coveted bottles at a generous discount. Although you have to act fast: They only have 100 bottles in stock. (Seriously!) Just use code MAKINGSPACE and save 30 percent on an olive oil that our editor Mara (and many other devotees) say tastes so good you can sip it!

Piro is an extra-virgin olive oil, which means it’s made without the use of heat or chemicals to break down the olives and extract their aromatic oils. Extra-virgin olive oils also have a brighter color than non-extra-virgin olive oils and a delightfully peppery flavor that you notice at first taste. One of the best ways to enjoy their distinct flavor is to drizzle them right over finished dishes for a little added freshness and richness.

Piro is an ideal finishing oil, and when our editor Mara traveled to Tuscany for an in-person taste test, she found herself adding it atop salads, pastas, meats, and even pastries. One of her favorite flavor combos turned out to be olive oil on vanilla ice cream (with a sprinkle of flaky sea salt). That’s a testament both to how delicious Piro tastes on its own and how well it enhances the flavors of everything you eat with it.

It’s also worth noting that because of Piro’s careful, cold-press production process, it contains elevated amounts of antioxidants, such as vitamin E. So, in addition to elevating the taste of your lunch, dinner, or dessert (if you’re adventurous!), this oil can give you a small boost in your daily nutrition — always nice to have! Add this flavorful, editor-loved olive oil to your pantry and have fun trying it on your favorite foods. It may just make you love your cooking even more! (Plus, a fancy bottle of olive oil always makes an excellent gift.)

Buy: Piro Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, $41.30 (normally $59)