The Pioneer Woman’s Secret for Dining Out with Teenagers

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In the past 12 years, The Pioneer Woman has built an empire on cooking and writing about food in the most relatable way. During that time her fans have watched her children turn from cute little kids to full-grown teenagers who do things like walk through the door with 12 hungry friends 10 minutes before lunch. Drummond handled that particular event with red Solo cups and fried chicken from the deli, and generally she seems to be really enjoy being constantly surrounded by huge numbers of teenagers.

When I was a teenager, my friends and I all seemed to congregate most often at the house that had the best food and was most likely to feed us, so I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the Drummonds’ house was the default hangout spot for her four kids and all their friends. If you go to the Pioneer Woman’s house, she will probably feed you.

The same goes for her eatery, The Pioneer Woman Mercantile. She recently posted a photo of a big group lunch at the Mercantile with at least nine kids in tow. That’d be a lot for one party, but Drummond solved it by splitting the party up so each group of kids got their own table, and she and her husband, Ladd, got a nice two-seater all by themselves.

“The boys and their friends at one table, Page and her friends at another,” Drummond wrote. “Ladd and I had a quiet, romantic dinner right in the middle of them.”

Okay, lunch surrounded by nine teenagers is not exactly quiet or romantic, but Drummond doesn’t seem to mind.

“Just kidding on the quiet, romantic part!” she joked. “But you know what? It’s fun to be surrounded by teenagers.”

Drummond will probably be surrounded by teenagers for a few years to come. As long as she keeps putting out all that food, they’re going to keep coming.