The Pioneer Woman Just Came Out with Her Own Recipe Tin

(Image credit: Courtesy of Food Network)

In the days before we all had smartphones in our hands and tablets on our counters, the way our parents and grandparents remembered recipes wasn’t by googling “that one pancake recipe Pioneer Woman made.” It was that worn-out tin full of hand-written recipe cards. Faded pencil scratchings, messy handwriting, and the occasional undecipherable abbreviation made cooking from them always a good adventure. But because only the very best recipes made it into the tin, it was also a treasure trove of amazing food.

Now the Pioneer Woman has done the hard work for you and made her own recipe tin — but with typed recipes for easy reading.

Ree announced the tin, which will be for sale at Walmart (though it doesn’t appear to be on the website yet), on her Instagram yesterday with an adorable stop-motion video. “I picked 100 favorite recipes from my five Pioneer Woman cookbooks,” she says. Each recipe is printed on an individual recipe card. Then, she adds, “I put them in a cute turquoise floral tin to keep them all neat and organized.”

While she doesn’t hint at which recipes will be in the tin, a close watching of the video reveals a little bit of what you’re going to get in the five color-coordinated sections. Each card has a full-color photo covering the whole back, then the ingredients listed down the side of the front, and the step-by-step instructions next to them. Under “Beautiful Breakfasts” we can see eggs Benedict, make-ahead muffin melts, and croissant French toast. “Scrumptious Lunches” offers olive cheese spread, gazpacho, and sloppy joes. In “Apps and Sides” we can look forward to macaroni and cheese and “Delicious Dinners” brings us pasta with pesto cream sauce. Under “Sensational Sweets,” she gives us chocolate cake in a mug and pecan pie, among others.

Sound tempting? As Ree says in her post, “Would make a fun gift for yourself! Oops! I mean for a friend.”