These Are Ree Drummond’s Favorite Holiday Dishes

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Do you have a quintessential holiday meal? You know the type of which I speak. It’s the one where you ask your friends if they’re going home for Christmas and they say, “Oh yeah, Mom makes this amazing rack of lamb that makes me go weak in the knees! I wouldn’t miss it for the world!” Yes, it’s that type of recipe.

In a recent interview with People, Ree Drummond aka The Pioneer Woman, shared the two recipes she can’t wait to make this holiday season.

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Holiday tradition recipes can be things that you only make during this festive time of year, or they can be something that makes the house smell like the holidays when coupled with twinkling lights and the hustle and bustle.

For Ree, her number one recipe for the holidays is prime rib. This cut of meat doesn’t come cheap. It’s more of a special occasion food as opposed to an “every Tuesday night” kind of thing. That said, if it is your every Tuesday night meal, I’m anxiously awaiting my invite for dinner! I’ll bring the flan.

Ree has an extra-special salt crust that she makes for this in her own home and it looks extra delicious.

Get the recipe here: Prime Rib from The Pioneer Woman

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The other special food that makes things warm and cozy around their Oklahoma homestead are cinnamon rolls. Ree has never been shy about her love for this treat as she mentions them almost as frequently as she does butter. Why? Well, the obvious of course! There’s just something amazing about warm bread that is pulled apart with your fingers with sticky frosting. Easy as that.

Ree’s Rolls (which obviously needs to be the name of her next restaurant endeavor) are made with maple syrup and coffee in the icing which pours perfectly into the cracks. You can get the low down on all her inside tricks below:

Get the Recipe: Cinnamon Roll 101 from The Pioneer Woman

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