Starting This Week, You Can Tour the Pioneer Woman’s Lodge for Free

(Image credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

If you happen to be headed to Pawhuska, Oklahoma (or are interested in planning a trip), do we have good news for you: Ree Drummond (aka the Pioneer Woman) and her husband have invited you (yes, you!) to visit The Lodge on Drummond Ranch.

See, The Lodge is the family’s guest house and, more importantly, it also serves as the production location for Ree’s Food Network show. And the free tours have, once again, started back up!

You will need to get a ticket, but they’re easy to get at The Merc the day of your visit. (Did we mention they’re free?) There’s no limit to how many people can visit on any given day, so you won’t have to worry about tours filling up — but, trust us, it does get crowded. Tours are available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. during the days listed below. Starting this week!


  • August 31


  • September 1
  • September 3 (Labor Day)
  • September 4
  • September 7
  • September 8


  • October 5
  • October 6
  • October 8
  • October 12 & 13
  • October 15
  • October 19 & 20
  • October 22
  • October 26 & 27


  • November 23 & 24
  • November 29
  • November 30


  • December 1
  • December 7 & 8
  • December 10-15

The only other major thing you really need to know? You are not allowed to bring your pets, so leave Professor Fuzzy Pants at home.

As for other things to do while you’re in town: It’s nearly impossible to get a room at Ree’s hotel, The Boarding House, but maybe give it a shot? And either before or after your tour, go to The Merc for a Spicy Cowgirl Coffee, Pecan Sticky Bun, or a Beef Brisket Reuben. (Or maybe all three? What? You’ll be on vacation!)

Have you been on a Lodge tour? What was the coolest thing you saw while you were there?

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