Get a Pinterest-Worthy Kitchen with the 10 Most Popular Organizers

updated Jan 28, 2020
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Credit: Julia Steele

If there’s one thing the Pinterest community knows, it’s organization. The site is a never-ending stream of perfectly-tidy pantries, clutter-free cabinets, and brilliantly-designed kitchens that are as functional as they are gorgeous. So we asked our friends who work over at Pinterest to highlight the 10 most popular kitchen organizers on the site. Here’s what’s been getting pinned the most.

Credit: Etsy

Honestly, we love everything from this Etsy shop! Especially the sponge holder and the spoon rest. (You’ve probably seen us feature both of these items before.) Get both of those and this utensil crock and you’ll have a nice, little matching set. Or, if you just want to get the crock, that’s okay, too. Keep it next to your stove and weed out your utensils so that you keep only what you actually use.

Buy: Ceramic Utensil Crock, $62 at Etsy

Credit: Zofyn

2. Stainless Steel Drain Rack

How fun is this dish rack? Yes, we just called a dish rack fun! Store it over your sink and your wet dishes can drip right down into the drain. If you can’t fit it there, we still like it for countertop use, because it uses vertical space and still gives you room to chop and prep. It’s expensive, though, so we also wanted to point out this guy, which is just as handy and less than $60.

Buy: Stainless Steel Drain Rack, $190 at Zofyn

Credit: KraftMaid

3. Angled Utensil Drawer Organizer

Store things diagonally (instead of straight up and down) and you’ll find you have more space for all your tools and utensils. This organizer comes in various sizes, so be sure to measure before you place your order. Note: We also like this option, which is just $24 on Amazon.

Buy: Angled Utensil Drawers, from $61 at Kraftmaid 

Credit: Amazon

4. YouCopia Lazy Susan with Bins

We are huge fans of lazy Susans and we love a good bin. So a lazy Susan with bins?! Forget it! This turntable will keep things from falling over as you spin it, making it perfect for stashing snacks, various pouches, bags of tea, and more.

Buy: YouCopia Lazy Susan with Bins, $23

Credit: West Elm

5. Expandable Kitchen Counter Organizer

This organizer was designed in Japan, with small spaces in mind. Nestle it on top of your microwave or other small appliances and use the top shelf for plates and bowls. The whole thing can be expanded to fit your space, and it’s got four hooks on the side.

Buy: Expandable Kitchen Counter Organizer, $70 at West Elm

Credit: West Elm

6. Glass Kitchen Storage Containers

You’ve definitely seen these containers on Pinterest before and they’re key to getting that pin-worthy pantry you’ve been lusting after. Pro tip: Start with just a few for your most-used dry goods and go from there.

Buy: Glass Kitchen Storage Containers, from $29 at West Elm

Credit: Macy's

7. Seville Classics 3-Tier Bamboo Tray Spice Organizer

Storing your spices in a drawer is a brilliant idea. (No more cabinet avalanches of cumin and red pepper flakes!) This organizer can hold around 12 bottles and helps you see everything you have at a glance.

Buy: Seville Classics 3-Tier Bamboo Tray Spice Organizer, $28 at Macy’s

Credit: Wayfair

8. Under-Sink Pull-Out Drawer Organizer

One place we could all probably use more organization? Under the kitchen sink. This two-drawer system gets mounted in your cabinet (ask your landlord first, if you’re a renter!) and pulls out so you can see what’s being stored in the very back without having to crawl inside.

Buy: Pull-Out Drawer Organizer, $42 at Wayfair

Credit: Walmart

9. Wallniture Thick Kitchen Wall Mount Rail

Wall-mounted pot rails practically create storage space out of thin air. And these happen to be pretty darn good looking to boot! (That sleek black finish!) You get two rails in this kit and we’d set it up exactly how they did in the photo — with pots on the top and tools on the bottom.

Buy: Wallniture Thick Kitchen Wall Mount Rail, $32 at Walmart

Credit: Wayfair

10. Umbra Peggy 2 Piece Drawer Organizer Set

Raise your hand if you want to be someone with an organized food container collection? Hi, all of you! This peg system can help! Just adjust the pegs into a configuration that works for what you have (there are 108 holes and 16 pegs, so there are loads of combinations) and you have, essentially, a custom organizer.

Buy: Umbra Peggy 2 Piece Drawer Organizer Set, $20 at Wayfair

Have you seen any super smart organizers on Pinterest lately? Tell us about them in the comments below!