I Used This “Magical” Cleaner to Remove Scratches from My Plates, and I Can’t Believe the Results

published Jun 9, 2024
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Plates before and after cleaning with The Pink Stuff.
Credit: Rebecca Walden

After two-plus decades of daily use, my Villeroy & Boch dinner plates had seen better days. They were full of unsightly utensil scratches that, although faint, were impossible to miss — like one of those things you can’t unsee once you notice it. This set was part of what my husband and I chose for our wedding registry, and even all these years later, we love it now just as much as we did then. Plus, the cost of replacing just one setting, let alone eight to 12? Nope, no way.

But there had to be a simple way to get rid of those scratches, right? Luckily, I’d just seen an Instagram Reel that showed The Pink Stuff paste working wonders on ceramic plates showing wear and tear. Still, I was dubious, so I put it to the test myself.

I had the Pink Stuff multi-purpose spray on hand, which I reached for instead of the classic Pink Stuff paste, and decided to give the plate a good spritz and vigorous scrub. (Psst: Super-soft old T-shirts make the best soft cloths for cleaning and buffing; just cut off part of the freshly laundered shirt to your desired length and it’s ready for use.)

After about 20 seconds, I lifted the cloth and felt immediate underwhelm. Then again, I’d used a different, all-liquid formula. Undeterred, I rinsed and patted the plate dry, and reached for the short tub of this so-called miracle cleaning paste, as was used in the original video. I was a bit more hopeful with this second attempt, but I was still thinking that the plate was too old and too worn for the paste to make much of a difference.

I rubbed the paste in overlapping circles for about 20 seconds, until I had covered the entire top surface area several times. Note that the task is a lot easier if you hold the plate against your torso. You’ll get a better grip, it’s easier on your back, and you’re less likely to apply too much force and cause breakage.

I then rinsed it thoroughly with warm water and studied the difference.

What Happened When I Put the Pink Stuff Paste on My Old, Scratched Plates

As I stood at the sink and patted it dry, I couldn’t fully appreciate the difference. Remember that part about not being able to unsee something once you’ve noticed it? Then, I compared it side-by-side to another matching plate in the cupboard, and the before picture of the plate I’d just cleaned. I could hardly believe my eyes!

Credit: Rebecca Walden

I even called my son into the kitchen and asked him to take a look. The result was a resounding “Wow!” followed by “Mom, how did you do that?” and “Really? Cool,” followed by teenage disinterest, and me suddenly having the urge to haul out all the plates and have a Pink Stuff party for one. Not bad for a few minutes of effort with less than $10 spent!

If you already have the Pink Stuff on hand (the paste, specifically), you already have everything you need to get rid of those unsightly scratches you might have thought were going to be there forever. Plus, there are seemingly endless uses for it around the kitchen and home, like on oven racks and doors, baking sheets, and even mugs with coffee stains. If you don’t have it, I suggest adding it to your cart! 

Next up, I’ll be trying it on all of the aforementioned surfaces and materials, plus a few more that can’t seem to get clean no matter the amount of scrubbing, vinegar, and baking soda that’s been applied. 

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