Summer Garden: Growing Pineapples

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Pineapples under video surveillance! That’s what the signs said in the neighbor’s yard.

The signs sit in front of a beautifully landscaped urban garden with giant spreading trees and spiky plants in the shade. We thought the sign might say, “Yard of the Month,” or “Beware of Dog” or something like that, but no – this was much more Florida and we had to take a picture.

We don’t blame them – it takes 2-3 years to grow a pineapple, and a last-minute thievery would be maddening.

Video surveillance is pretty extreme, though; we hope that they get some sweet, juicy pineapple out of those plants. Have you ever put your garden under serious surveillance?

If you want to grow your own pineapple, you can embark on this 2-3 year project pretty easily – you just need patience and a pineapple top. See detailed instructions here for rooting and growing a pineapple.