The Brand Behind the Apple Cider Vinegar with a 1,000-Person Waitlist Has a New Pantry Staple You’ll Want to Snag ASAP

published Sep 21, 2021
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Here at the Kitchn, we’re big fans of products with a purpose. Of course, they have to work well to make our must-list — that’s a given. But it also helps if said products do their part in turning the dial up a notch in the industry with new innovation, intentional storytelling, or a do-better ethos (or hey, a bit of all three!). 

You may already be familiar with Pineapple Collaborative from their fan-fave olive oil and insanely in-demand apple cider vinegar (seriously—this thing had over a thousand people on the waitlist at one point!). Up next from the team of hit-makers? The Salt, of course. 

The pantry staples from Pineapple Collaborative have made their way to the top of many of our editors’ lists. Not only is the quality above and beyond (more on that later!), but the company ethos is one we can really get behind. Founded by Ariel Pasternak and Atara Bernstein, Pineapple Collaborative stormed the industry with the goal of fostering a like-minded community of food lovers and conscious consumers while elevating the work of women and underrepresented populations in the food world. 

Like with all their products, a lot of care and attention went into dreaming up and crafting The Salt, which has been one of the brand’s most in-demand products since its inception. Developed in collaboration with a women-run co-op, Comunidad Salinera de Maras, The Salt is harvested by hand in Maras, Peru, where salt production has been a trade for generations (dating all the way back to before the Incan Empire, fun fact). 

Beyond the obvious socioeconomic perks of the product, The Salt is sure to make home chefs happy, too. It’s a medium grind (re: the perfect grit for everything from soups, stews, and vegetables to seared steaks and — yep — margs) and naturally processed through evaporation to allow it to retain the most mineral content possible (including calcium, iron, and magnesium). The pink salt is then packaged up in a custom Kaolin ceramic vessel —similar to how ancient Peruvians used to store their salt — finished with a half-moon lid for a look that would turn heads on any countertop. 

Do you want our advice? Snag yourself The Salt ASAP, and don’t wait. If Pineapple Collaborative’s past product launches are any indication, it won’t be long before word spreads. You don’t want to be left behind on the waitlist — trust us.