Pies, Tarts, and Baking Tips and Goodies for Pi Day

Pies, Tarts, and Baking Tips and Goodies for Pi Day

Faith Durand
Mar 14, 2008

So, as we mentioned yesterday, it's 3.14 - Pi Day! For all of you who graduated and promptly forgot any math not directly related to balancing a checkbook (well, maybe some of that too), here's a brief summary of the number pi - 3.14159. Actually, that number keeps going and going and going - it never ends. Why? It represents the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

What does this have to do with cooking? Nothing, really, except for a happy homophone connection. Also, we suspect that a better grasp of pi would somehow make us better pie bakers and especially pie cutters. Not a supported suspicion, but one we harbor all the same. The important thing is - pie! It's an excuse to eat some. Read on for some of our favorite pie tips, tricks, and tools...

As we were looking for past pie recipes, we realized that we have many more tarts than pies in the recipe archives. Why? Probably because we got a new tart pan this year and have been playing. They're closely enough related, don't you think? Here's links to a few:

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Abby's Blueberry Pie
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Peach and Thyme Polenta Tart
Tart Lemon Tart

Good Question: Chocolate Pie for Pie Day?
Questions for Allie: Why Is My Pie Dough Shrinking?

Hot or Not - Pie Crust Bag
Best Products: Hess Pie Plates
Solid Brass Pie Crimper

Do you have a favorite pie tip, trick, or piece of good advice? Have you figured out how to cut a pie into eight equal slices? Do you have a favorite pan, or a favorite recipe?

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