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An Easy, Crowd-Pleasing Game-Day Pierogy Snack Board by The Cookie Rookie

published Oct 8, 2019
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Credit: Becky Hardin

We know game day is technically about the sports, but really, it’s about the snacking. And a great spread full of delicious bites that satisfies a crowd and doesn’t keep us in the kitchen until halftime? That’s our idea of a win.

This spread by The Cookie Rookie, aka Becky Hardin, is the perfect example. Known for her easy and delicious recipes, Becky wasn’t about to turn game day into a cooking marathon!

That’s why she turned to Mrs. T’s Pierogies to give her snack board big, bold flavor that comes together in no time. With their Mini Classic Cheddar and Loaded Baked Potato Pierogies, Becky created the perfect bacon-loaded spread for game day — or any get-together with friends. You get the extra point if you celebrate on National Pierogy Day (that’s October 8), but this platter is a guaranteed touchdown any day of the year.

Credit: Becky Hardin

In case you’re not familiar, Mrs. T’s Pierogies are stuffed with the stuff you love, like creamy mashed potatoes and cheesy goodness. Available in 14 varieties, these ‘rogies are a sure touchdown for any occasion — even if it’s just a quick weeknight dinner.

While you can boil, sauté, fry or even grill pierogies, Becky baked Mrs. T’s Loaded Baked Potato Pierogies for an effortless snack that’s even tastier when dipped in sour cream. Just bake for 18–20 minutes at 400º F on a prepared cookie sheet, turning halfway through. 

Credit: Becky Hardin

We also love Becky’s twist on Mrs. T’s Mini Classic Cheddar Pierogies, which she coated with garlic butter and then wrapped in bacon.

Becky rounded out her spread with some quick and easy cheese balls, bacon-wrapped pineapple, and munchies like nuts and fruit for an easy but substantial feast that’s sure to win over all her guests.

After you try this game-day snack board, you’ll probably be a pierogy super fan. The good news is that Mrs. T’s is in the market for a Chief Pierogy Officer. Just head over to Mrs. T’s Twitter to tell them why you deserve the title. Good luck!