Forget Flowers, Get Your S.O. a Bouquet of Pickles for Valentine’s Day

updated Jan 17, 2020
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Credit: Grillo's

When it comes to getting a gift for the love of your life (or even just someone you mildly like), you can’t go wrong with a box of chocolates and a dozen roses. But it’s always nice to shake things up — make things a little more special, you know? So, for couples looking to step outside the box and do something different, this bouquet of pickles may be just the fit.

Where can you get this gorgeous bouquet of pickles? Grillo’s Pickles (a Boston-based pickle company) designed this delicious bouquet and even though you cannot actually buy the bouquet from them as-is, you can purchase the pickle chips and spears that go into creating the bouquet from Grillo’s. So, with a little bit of effort — and perhaps some creativity — on your part, you can make a pickle bouquet to hand to your sweetie pie this Valentine’s Day.

Plus, it’s pretty easy, so don’t think you’ll be spending hours trying to set it all up. Basically you just need some pickles (go for a fun variety for that pop of color and taste!), some long and sturdy skewers to hold the pickles, and of course a beautiful vase that you can put the bouquet in. Bonus points if you buy a glass vase — your partner will be impressed and can then keep the vase as another gift for the long term.

You can also add in some extra pieces, like herbs and flowers, for a more “natural” look and to help flavor the pickles. (Think dill — yum!). Without all the add-ons, the pickle bouquet is around $20, by assembling it the way Grillo’s Pickles has.  So, it’s a nice deal and a great way to put a smile on your partner’s face this year. 

Plus, way more thought went into it than just a standard dozen red roses… I think. Hey, I for one would not be upset if I received a pickle bouquet over roses — pickles are delicious. You can head to Target for the Grillo’s pickles and Amazon for the bamboo sticks to get the essentials. Have fun designing!