This Ingenious Tupperware Find Solves Every Pickle Lover’s Biggest Problem

published Jan 22, 2024
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pickled Okra in ball jars
Credit: Kristina Vänni

If you’re a regular purchaser of pickled or fermented foods — or find joy in making them at home — we’ve got exciting news for you: There’s a Tupperware container designed to make storage even more convenient, and it’s available at a reasonable price of just $21. While we adore our trusty mason jars for preserving pickles, fishing for our favorite snacks in a sea of brine isn’t always enjoyable. But, a specialized food container equipped with a built-in strainer? That works for us. This smart solution by Tupperware allows pickles, vegetables, and more to soak in their flavorful juices, and when it’s time to indulge, you can effortlessly lift them out with the strainer without making a mess — talk about easy.

What Is the Pick-A-Deli Container?

This spacious container allows you to access your favorite brined foods easily, whether it be for gatherings, parties, picnics, sports outings, or just because. Beyond using it for pickles and olives, it’s perfect for storing carrot sticks, celery spears, tofu, mozzarella, marinated mushrooms, vegetables, jalapeños, artichoke hearts, and more. We adore its translucent design, which easily lets you spot what’s inside, and even contains a liftable strainer that eliminates the struggle of reaching for the last pickle slice. Aside from keeping your hands clean, this container’s narrow square shape, dishwasher-safe design, and handle for easy carrying make it a fantastic kitchen addition.

Credit: Tupperware

For only $21, this container is a must-have for fermented, pickled, and marinated food lovers and contains a liftable strainer insert that makes storing mozzarella, vegetables, pickles, olives, and more incredibly easy. Once you use this once, it’ll be hard to store your juice-infused foods in anything else.