Photos and Letters from Two Classroom Kitchen Centers

Photos and Letters from Two Classroom Kitchen Centers

Faith Durand
Dec 24, 2009

"Dear Apartment Therapy, Thank you all so very much for supporting my classroom. It is very rewarding to know that people still value the art of cooking and teaching children to cook." — Mrs. S. in Indiana

This past fall we participated in Donors Choose, a challenge with our readers and the readers of other blogs to help raise money for extra supplies and equipment for public schools. Two of the projects you helped fund were cooking-related — a cooking center in a pre-K classroom in Oklahoma, and another in a special-education classroom in Indiana. Here's a peek at the things you helped fund, and letters from the teachers!

Mrs. S.'s Classroom in Indiana

The need:

...The students in my classroom are more than 2 grade levels behind in academic areas and will more than likely be placed on a non-diploma track upon entering middle school. In my classroom, we focus on academics but we also do life skill activities. We currently are learning the basics of cooking. I have at least one cooking/baking activity planned each week. ...

I love teaching my students to be more independent at home with these basic cooking and baking skills. However, it is becoming very inconvenient transporting my own cooking items to and from school. I currently have to bring all of the cooking utensils needed from my own home as well as purchase the ingredients needed! Our school does not have any items to use besides the stove and microwave or have any available funding to help me with the expenses. I have asked for donations but with little success. ...

...Just a few simple items such as measuring cups, kitchen utensils, bakeware and cookware would be all they would need to continue these cooking adventures.

Thank you!

Dear Apartment Therapy,
Thank you all so very much for supporting my classroom. My students will be so excited to hear that we were funded. My students cooked an entire Thanksgiving feast for their families last week. They planned the entire meal based on the food pyramid and cooked it almost all by themselves. They are learning so much from these cooking lessons. These are lessons that are vital to their future successes in the real world.

I am very grateful for your kindness and generosity. It is very rewarding to know that people still value the art of cooking and teaching children to cook. Thank you all so very much for believing in my ideas, my values, and for believing in my students.

With gratitude,
Mrs. S.

• Read more about Mrs. S. and her class here: BAM! Cooking with Students with Special Needs

Mrs. E.'s Classroom in Oklahoma

The need:

...A kitchen center for the students would allow them to role play family living. When students role play they learn socialization skills which are very important and will help them as they grow and mature. Students develop the art of sharing while interacting in the kitchen center. They pretend to be families and even dogs and cats. They learn to share the items in the center as well as areas, such as working at the stove, sink or refrigerator. Pretending to be a family or even pets also shows how creative Pre-K students can be. When students are being creative it helps promote thinking and using their brilliant brains, and every student has a brilliant brain....

Thank you!

Thank you so much for your generous donations to fund my class' new kitchen set. I appreciate your investment in my students and their future.

My class enjoys having the kitchen as one of their centers. It helps with their socialization and family living skills. I like to watch my students as they interact with each other and role play. It is very interesting to see how they use their imaginations in their pretend families; pets included.

The students are very excited to have this wonderful piece of equipment in the classroom. Thank you again for your kindness and generosity.

With gratitude,
Mrs. E.

• Read more about Mrs. E.'s and her class here: Kitchen Center for Kids

Thank you all SO MUCH for giving to these classrooms!

(Images: Donors Choose reports)

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