Phone Home! When Did You Last Call for Cooking Advice?

Phone Home! When Did You Last Call for Cooking Advice?

Emma Christensen
Jan 11, 2010

With the internet at our fingertips and dozens of cookbooks on our shelves, we still call our parents on a regular basis simply to ask, "Help! What do I do?!" Nothing like Mom and Dad to bail you out of trouble, right?! When is the last time you called home for advice? What did you ask for?

When I call home, it's usually because I'm craving something from when I was a kid and I want to make it just like they used to make it. My mom is the resource for main meals and desserts, and I go to dad for consultations about baking. Sure I could probably find the same information online, but I know that they'll be able to give me exactly the information I need.

The last time I called home, it was for help with pie dough. This still feels like a big challenge to me, but to my mom, it's just something you do in order to have pie, duh! She walked me through the steps, telling me how the dough should feel, what it should smell like, her favorite way of getting it in the pan. These are all things that we'd talked about during past conversations, but hearing her explain it again made me feel calm and confident. Thanks, Mom!

What about you? Do you call home for help?

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