Pho and Beyond: 10 Comforting Asian Noodle Soups

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As the weather gets darker and chillier, my craving for Asian noodle soups gets ever stronger. Light yet satisfying and deeply comforting, these ten noodle soup recipes — including Japanese miso-spiked ramen, fragrant Vietnamese pho and spicy curry noodles — are sure to hit the spot.

Great broth is often the centerpiece of Asian noodle soups, so use homemade if you have it, or doctor up low-sodium store-bought broth with miso paste, whole spices, and even green tea. And don’t feel that constrained by the noodles called for in the recipe. My favorite Asian noodle joint in town lets diners match their soups to the noodles of their choice, and I’ve never found a combination I didn’t like.

What’s your favorite Asian noodle soup?

(Image: Nealey Dozier)