Pharrell Williams Just Shared the Recipe for One of His Miami Restaurant’s Popular Dishes

published May 27, 2022
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harrell Williams attends as Pharrell Williams holds forum at Norfolk State University to discuss full potential of the cities of Virginia Beach and Norfolk in his home state of Virginia at Norfolk State University on October 28, 2021 in Norfolk, Virginia.
Credit: Getty Images/Leigh Vogel / Stringer

Just in time for the holiday weekend, Pharrell Williams, who co-owns the Miami-based Mediterranean restaurant Strawberry Moon (maybe you’ve heard of him??), is getting us ready to fire up the grill! And no, it’s for a burger or hot dog.

The multi-talented star recently shared the perfect summer recipe from his menu with People magazine: Grilled Swordfish Kebabs with a spicy Yemenite herb sauce. Sound undeniably delicious? I think so!

Buying fresh swordfish at the store can be a little pricey (which explains the somewhat steep price tag of the kebabs on the restaurant’s menu), but it’s a lot more practical than booking a flight to Miami and trying to snag a table at Williams’ buzzy spot — and we’re confident the dynamite flavors are more than worth it. 

The flaky grilled fish, of course, is the main character of the recipe. The herby sauce, made with cardamom pods, coriander, parsley, garlic, cilantro, and serrano peppers, is meant to add a kick, but you can adjust the flavors accordingly if you can’t take the heat. After combining all the ingredients in a food processor, make sure your grill is ready. 

The two pounds of swordfish is enough for eight skewers of three or four bites of swordfish each. Grill until lightly charred (probably about three or four minutes on both sides). Afterward, drizzle with olive oil and your chile sauce plus a pinch of coarse salt.

What you serve with your grilled fish is up to you, but we’d recommend adding a side of veggies, like grilled zucchini. Not a fish-eater? You can always try grilled tofu with the same sauce instead. Either way you go though, we’re pretty sure you’ll feel “Happy” with the results.

Get the full recipe here.