The Adorable Le Creuset Gem Every Pet Parent Should Own (It’s Selling Out Fast!)

published Jun 13, 2024
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I’m sure that we’d all do anything for our pets — including disrupting the vibe of our kitchen with an eyesore of a food bowl. There are plenty of options out there, but not all of them are that stylish, and the ones that are cost a pretty penny. However, I just came across a collection of pet gear in an unexpected place, and not only is it budget-friendly, but it’s also totally gorgeous. Even better, it’ll look right at home with the rest of your cookware and actually elevate your kitchen’s look.

Where exactly did I stumble across such a gem? None other than one of our favorite brands, Le Creuset. In addition to its top-tier Dutch ovens and bakeware, the iconic retailer also has items that’ll allow your fur babies to dine in style. Keep reading to learn more about the highly-rated bowl and treat jar, both of which won’t break the bank.

What is the Pet Collection Food Bowl?

Available in medium and large, Le Creuset Dog Bowl will be a hit with pets of all sizes. It has a classic round shape with a spacious, carbon steel interior, so your dog or cat won’t have any trouble accessing their food or water. If your pet gets a little enthusiastic at dinnertime, the non-slip base will keep it from moving across the floor and tipping over. It’s also just as durable as any other Le Creuset item, coated in premium porcelain enamel glaze, which can easily be cleaned, and resists stains, scratches, and rust.

Just as importantly, it also offers Le Creuset’s signature look, with its recognizable three ring logo incorporated into the dog bone design. The vibrant colors — dark and light blue, red, orange, and mint green — are typical of the brand, too. You can get matching ones for your pet’s food and water bowls or mix and match! And speaking of matching, you can pair the bowls with an adorable treat jar, which has the same handle as the brand’s cookware.

Credit: Le Creuset

What Le Creuset Shoppers are Saying

Average Rating: 4.2/5

“Oh my goodness, I never thought I would buy Le Creuset for dog bowl… but of course when I saw them online, I fell in love with them. It was also good time to upgrade the feeding bowl to bigger size that stays with my pup for long time. I got large for water bowl and medium for food. The sizes are both perfect for its purpose. And enamel coating quality is superb. Colors are so vivid and pretty. The rubber bottom adds more security from slipping. Very easy to wash. They are great feeding bowls ever!!!” — Witch from east

“Received these bowls for the holiday and I am very impressed! Not only are they stylish, they are the easiest bowls to clean out of my collection of bowls (9 yr old dog here). They are solid but light, if that makes sense- not flimsy but not super heavy like the Yeti bowls, for example. These bowls also have a complete bottom of rubber, making them slip resistant. Very good bowls and worth purchasing! Highly recommend. These have quickly become our #1 bowls.” — RoytheOEB

“They love it! Never disappointed with Le Creuset.” — Ahna

Whether or not you already own Le Creuset cookware, their affordable price tags and the timeless look make them a no-brainer. Don’t wait to add them to your cart before other shoppers catch on to this underrated collection!

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