What Your Favorite Retro Snack Says About You

published Jun 23, 2022
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The foods you consume say a lot about you and who you are. In our opinion, this is even more true when it comes to the snacks we eat during our formative childhood years. The idea that Dunkaroos played a critical role in molding our personalities as adults might sound preposterous at first, but it actually makes perfect sense. Don’t believe us? We’ve done the work of listing some of our favorite retro snacks and what they say about who we are today.

Read on — and next time someone asks about your difficulty opening up and letting people into your life, you can point back to this article and respond, “It must have been all the Twinkies.”

1. Fun Dip

Like the name of this old-school candy, you’re all about having fun. If you ate this sugary powder and edible stick snack without questioning what you were ingesting, then chances are you’re up for anything and everything that life may throw your way. People love your carefree attitude and penchant for having a great time. 

​​2. Lunchables

If you had Lunchables in your backpack when you were growing up, you’re the type of person who developed a distinguished palate at an early age and can discern between Gruyère, Comté, and Appenzeller cheese by simply looking at them. You find great joy in hosting your friends and putting together impressive charcuterie boards for your guests. Because even back then, it was more than just cheese and crackers; it was an experience. You thoughtfully stacked each ingredient to ensure you had a little bit of everything in every bite. You might have only been 10, but you knew that your lunch, like life, is about perfection and balance.

3. Twinkies

Like the yellow cream-filled sponge cake, there’s more to you than meets the eye. At first look, people label you bland and think you don’t have much going on the surface. That is, until they get to know you because — just like this retro snack — the real you is under that tame surface. It does take time for you to open up and reveal what’s hidden deep within your outer shell, but once you do, it’s well worth it for whoever sticks around.

4. BonBons

It’s not just if you consumed BonBons, but how you consumed BonBons that says a lot about you as a person. Eating just one of these bite-sized chocolate nuggets filled with ice cream was a fantastic feat, a sign of remarkable self-control, and a true testament to your willpower. If that sounds like you, you possess the ability to resist short-term temptations in order to meet your long-term goals. Conversely, if you ran through a carton of bonbons in one sitting, you’re the type of person who prioritizes having a good time. You know life is short, which is why you live it to the fullest.

5. Handi-Snacks

Some call you gullible, but you’re just trusting — and there’s nothing wrong with that. So what if you’d never seen or heard of cheese that didn’t require refrigeration? Your mother packed these Handi-Snacks in your lunch box! Like the red plastic rectangular spreader it came with, you embraced that spreadable cheese and gobbled it up cracker by cracker.

6. Little Hug Fruit Barrels (aka Quarter Waters)

Some called them juice barrels, and others called them huggies, but if you grew up in New York City, you knew them as quarter waters. Just like you, these no-frills, simple juices were straight to the point. Except for the tin foil label on the lid, the bottles had no markings or branding, but that didn’t matter to you. They’re right in line with your minimalistic approach to living and focusing on what really matters.

7. Dunkaroos

If you found yourself cheering when Dunkaroos announced its return in 2020, your Instagram feed is full of #ThrowbackThursday posts of you during “much simpler times.” Much like most of your wardrobe, the snack was a hit in the ’90s and, as much as they try to make a comeback, it’s just not the same anymore. Your defining characteristics include losing your mind every time “Return of the Mack” comes on and curating ’90s playlists while lamenting, “They really don’t make music like this anymore.”

8. WWF Superstars of Wrestling Ice Cream Bars

If you were a fan of these WWF (now WWE) ice cream bars, chances are you have difficulty trusting other people, and you walk through life with a skeptic’s lens. You see, the wrestling ice cream bars hit stores during what many consider the sport’s golden era — when most of the world was in denial that it was all staged. Shortly after, wrestling was outed as scripted, and now these ice cream bars represent the lies you were fed as a child. You’ve spent your life since the ’90s feeling a little let down and questioning people’s motives.

9. Tropical Fantasy

If you drank Tropical Fantasy as a child, you are the type of person that marches to the beat of their own drum and doesn’t care much about following trends. Unlike other ’90s products known for their quirky commercials and cheesy jingles, Tropical Fantasy didn’t have any advertising or colorful marketing campaigns. And that’s OK because you didn’t need a washed-up C-list actor or cartoon mascot to tell you what to do. You listened to your gut.

10. Giggles Cookies

People find your dark, twisted sense of humor entertaining, but that’s what happens when you spend your childhood eating snacks with grinning faces. Similar to Oreos, Giggles Cookies were cream-filled vanilla sandwich cookies with holes for eyes and a mouth. The intention was probably to create cute, lovable faces, but they came off slightly more menacing than friendly. Like Alanis Morissette, you appreciate that kind of irony.

Did your favorite make the list? Tell us about it in the comments below!