This Simple Trick Will Guarantee a Perfect Pie Crust Every Single Time

published Nov 22, 2022
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Photograph of chocolate pecan pie in plate on a wire rack.
Credit: Meleyna Nomura

We’ve all been there before: you find the perfect pie recipe, or decide to try your grandmother’s recipe for the first time, making your dough from scratch with a perfect filling and even more perfect taste. But its appearance? Not so much.

If you’re worried that this is going to be the story for you this Thanksgiving, luckily Broma Bakery’s Sarah Crawford has shared her hack to giving your homemade pie crust a professional finish every time.

For this method to work how you need it, you’ll want to work with chilled dough from your favorite pie recipe. Start by unwrapping your dough on your work surface, but leaving it on the plastic wrap to allow for easier transfer to your pie tin. Before rolling it out, dust your dough with a little flour, then strike it with your roller a few times to make the process a little easier.

Roll the dough out, then flip your pie tin over to make sure you’ve pressed it out far enough. You’ll want the dough to extend two inches past the edge of your pan. Once you’ve reached the right circumference, transfer the dough by flipping it over into the tin.

Using kitchen shears or scissors, trim the edge of your pie crust to make it even, but don’t discard your scraps just yet. Work your way around your pan, folding the edges of your crust under as you go. If you find any section to be a little thin, use some of your dough scraps to give it a little more weight.

Give the edges a little squeeze, then prepare to give it that professional crimp. Make a V with the index and middle finger of your dominant hand, hold that hand steady on the outside of your crust, then gently push the edges in using the index finger of your other hand. And just like that, you will have created a perfect looking crust to match your yummy filling.

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