Peppers and More Peppers: Hot and Sweet Hollywood, California

2009_09_21-peppers1.jpgA glance in just about any direction at the Hollywood farmers’ market reveals some colorful variety of capsicum, from the fiery red lantern chile to the sweet brown chocolate bell pepper. Click through to see the full spectrum, and let us know how you’re enjoying peppers this season. Are you roasting, storing, making hot sauce or schug?

Sweet chocolate bell peppers and spicy Hungarian wax peppers
Multicolored bell peppers – great for marinated vegetables, pipérade, and lentil salad
Spicy Chinese lantern and habanero chiles
Serrano and jalapeño peppers
Bell peppers, poblano peppers, and Anaheim chiles
Peacock Family Farms has an especially dazzling selection of peppers

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(Images: Emily Ho)