People Are Freaking Out Over This New Smurf “Latte”

(Image credit: @matcha_mylkbar)

Aunt Beru was onto something with blue milk. Although the color “blue” is normally deemed an unappetizing color for food, it seems to be popping up everywhere in drinks (blue wine!). The latest trendy beverage comes to us from Australia at Matcha Mylkbar, where the smurf “latte” was born only six days ago.

What’s particularly interesting about this “latte” is that there is no espresso or coffee to be found in the beverage. Instead, it’s made out of blue algae powder, lemon, ginger, agave, and coconut milk. The drink apparently has a strong seaweed smell.

Since introducing the beverage, Matcha Mylkbar has sold over 100 of them, according to The Guardian. They’re definitely not cheap, coming in at $8 for a single drink.

All I have to say about this drink is as follows: