Is This Pump for Your Peanut Butter Jar Actually Ingenious?

updated Apr 30, 2019
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(Image credit: Courtesy of The LaunchPad Agency)

We are currently living in an era marked by increasingly ridiculous efforts to make even the most minute tasks super easy, like that gadget that can only slice your banana into smaller pieces. That’s why when I saw this pump that attached to the top of your peanut jar – I thought that it was totally unnecessary and laughed it off. But when I thought about it a little longer, it dawned on me that I have wasted so much peanut butter because I couldn’t scrape off the sides of the jar with a knife alone. The peanut butter pump is supposed to make that annoying problem a thing of the past, and I’m honestly surprised no one has thought of the idea before.

Basically, the pump, which is being crowdfunded on Indiegogo, eliminates the need for a knife. You simply squeeze the desired amount of peanut butter out of the nozzle, and voilà! No more knife tearing through soft bread, fewer dishes, and fewer sticky hands if you’ve got peanut-butter-loving children in your life. In fact, if you make a lot of snacks for little ones, the pump helps measure out the perfect amount of peanut butter to spread on celery or apples.

(Image credit: Courtesy of The LaunchPad Agency)

Perhaps the most appealing feature of all, though, is that the pump scrapes the sides of the jar as you use it, meaning you won’t waste those last precious scoops when the jar starts to get low. When you throw out a jar that still has plenty of inaccessible peanut butter stuck to the sides, you’re not just wasting the contents, you’re wasting your money.

Yes, some unitaskers are totally unnecessary and will probably go neglected in your kitchen, but the peanut butter pump actually seems like a practical tool you’ll use. And I’m on board with anything that makes eating breakfast and snacking even easier.