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Thanks To This One Handy New Tool, I Can Finally Clear Out My Cluttered Kitchen Utensil Drawer

published Feb 11, 2022
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When I say I have lots of kitchen utensils, I’m not kidding. Not only do I still use my knife roll from my restaurant days, but I also have one of those grandpas who is constantly mail-ordering various gadgets from infomercials, which means I have drawers full of choppers, slicers, and scoopers. So, to stumble upon one kitchen utensil that practically does it all? It seemed too good to be true.

But then I tried this Quad Chopper, the newest launch from one of our favorite kitchen brands, GIR. You may have read our numerous articles praising their spatula (like this one), or maybe you snagged an irresistible baking set after reading this post. Regardless of what you may or may not heard, GIR stands for “Get It Right” and that’s exactly what they’ve done with the Quad Chopper.

Ideal for mashing, smashing, stirring, scraping, and of course, chopping, the Quad Chopper is bound to be the only thing you need in your utensil drawer. It’s meant to break down ground meat (or impossible meat or even tofu). You can use it to mash potatoes and yams, roughly chop fruit for salad or compote, and even to break down tomatoes for fresh salsa.

Made entirely from platinum-cured silicone, the very same stuff that makes up their one-of-a-kind spatula, the Chopper is stiff enough to do the work for you while still maintaining enough flexibility to feel like an extension of your arm. When making a batch of guac, I found the tool’s handle has a comfortable grip no matter if I was holding it top down to rough-chop onion or sideways to break down avocados. I would invest in it alone for the perfect consistency I was able to achieve with that guacamole.

While this do-it-all kitchen utensil was especially designed with meal prep in mind, I loved it all the more when using it for baking. This kitchen hero incorporates cold butter into flour like I do but in half the time, and with a tenth of the hand cramps. Plus, because the tool is basically a four-sided spatula, scraping down the sides of any bowl is a dream. Even getting every last drop out of a deli container was easy, twisting the Chopper in a circular motion. Whether I’m baking, meal prepping, or cheffing up a fancy dinner, this do-it-all utensil is my new favorite kitchen tool.

Buy: GIR Quad Chopper, $14.95