Pasta Para Duros: The 30 Second Snack

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In our neighborhood, there’s a tienda on every corner which sells duros, cooked and uncooked. You’ve probably seen bags of these before, wagon wheel in shape — they almost look like little sliced tomatoes.

If you haven’t, then keep your eyes peeled because man oh man — you’ve got to try these!

Pasta para duros are a wheat pasta that’s found in clear, usually unmarked containers in most grocery stores across the country (especially those with a Latin American influence). They hide out with small packages of beans or dried seasonings, usually in those cubbies under the produce bins, often with the dried fruits in the same area.

If you take a stroll to a neighborhood like ours, with a heavy “South of the Border” influence, they’ll be in abundance, sitting behind almost every cash register where food (of any kind) is sold. Although they look like a pasta in their “raw” form, they’re anything but.

A quick 20-30 second trip through the microwave will puff them up like a pork rind, ready to eat. They’re best with a sprinkling of chili powder and lime juice (often mixed together and drizzled on like butter to movie theater popcorn), and are sure to curb your craving for some crunch. If you’re making a large batch for family or friends, don’t be afraid to fry them, they’re just as tasty and you can make more at one go instead of standing in front of the microwave for 30 minutes!

Are you already a duros fan? Do you have a favorite way to eat them? Let us know below!