Past the Chicken Coop: Behind the Scenes of a Backyard Pig Farm

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Perhaps you have a healthy kitchen garden and chicken coop, and you are ready to move onto something a little more challenging. How about pigs? In The Washington Post, food writer and backyard pig farmer Tamar Haspel writes in fascinating detail about what it takes to set up your own backyard habitat for pigs.

Anecdotal evidence suggests small-scale pig farming is on the rise, says Haspel, which may have to do with tough economic times, or backyard gardeners who are looking for livestock beyond chickens, turkeys and ducks. Haspel and her husband decided to raise three pigs this year — one for them, two to give to friends — and she is detailing the process on her blog, Starving Off the Land, which includes a “Live Sty-Cam” of the pigs.

Her article for The Washington Post details the fence-making process, the challenge of creating a suitable shelter for creatures that will grow ten times in size, and the choice to buy local, non-purebred piglets. Her description of the process is interesting enough to provide a vicarious thrill, even to an apartment-dweller who won’t be raising pigs anytime soon.

Read the article: The Pig to Table Project at The Washington Post

See the pigs: The Live Sty-Cam at Starving Off the Land

Have you ever thought about raising pigs?

(Image: The Washington Post)