Passover Breakfasts

Passover Breakfasts

Nina Callaway
Apr 22, 2008

Some people think that breakfast is the easiest meal during Passover, content to have an excuse to eat deliciously rich matzah brei every day.

But for those of us used to having a simple dish of toast and jam, or a healthy bowl of cereal, switching to such a heavy breakfast every day is not so appealing. Without bread, breakfast can indeed be one of the hardest meals.

We searched the blogosphere and put together a roundup of interesting Passover breakfasts.

Most Kosher for Passover cereal is a vile thing indeed, which will immediately turn to cement inside your stomach. That's why we were so delighted by the idea of this granola. Matzah farfel (instead of oats) is combined with almonds, and dried fruit, and flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, honey and coconut. Make a big batch at night, then it's a convenient go-to snack during the holiday.

If you're used to having yogurt, you'll be pleased to know that Dannon makes a KfP variety, which then you can add your own fruit topping or honey. From their website: "Each Passover Dannon selects some of its products to be certified kosher for Passover and are subsequently labeled on the lid, "OUD P." Generally our kosher for Passover products are: DANNON Plain, DANNON Plain Lowfat , DANNON Plain Natural, DANNON Plain Nonfat, and Natural Flavors (Coffee, Vanilla and Lemon)." While it's not the organic yogurt we're used to, at least we know it won't be sweetened with corn syrup.

Cooking with Amy used that yogurt to make a tender lemon walnut muffin that she says is good enough to make all year. She also gives a good overview of why keeping Kosher for Passover can be so tricky.

Instead of toast and jam, consider this an opportunity to get creative with matzah. 8 days of just buttered matzah with jam would be enough to make anyone throw the box out the window, but add cream cheese, almonds and honey, or sweetened sour cream, banana and cinnamon and you're in for a treat. If you like something savory in the morning, try avocado and a sharp cheese
This is also an opportunity to continue eating Hillel sandwiches if you didn't get your fill at the Seder table!

Most of us are too busy in the morning to eat a full breakfast. But for those of you with a bit more time, try these Boobaleh passover pancakes by Marisa Fox-Bevilacqua. Stiffly beaten egg whites add lightness to pancakes made out of matzoh cake meal.

And of course, there's always a fast omelette or quick breakfast potato stirfry.

What do you eat for Passover breakfasts?

Image: Ohad via creative commons

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