Party Tip: Keep a House Cocktail Journal

Party Tip: Keep a House Cocktail Journal

Megan Gordon
May 9, 2012

You know the moment well, I'm sure. You have friends over and as the night ticks on, you become inspired to make a few cocktails for everyone to enjoy. You've been getting pretty into making your own drinks at home and want to share some of your creations. Strangely when the time comes to break out the shaker and ice, you freeze. What to make? What's good? Shoot! What have you been drinking lately?

This was happening a lot with us, and when we had our housewarming party a few months ago, our friends surprised us with some exciting new liquor and whiskey that we hadn't tried before. So we got busy creating drinks and cocktails and experimenting with different flavors and combinations. Some of the drinks we loved so much we wanted to continue making them but knew that we'd forget what exactly was in them, so we started jotting down the recipes on scrap paper and recyclable mail.

Then my partner Sam had a much better idea: let's start chronicling all the drinks we make that we really love in one place. We could jot down the date we created it and any notes we have on adaptations. Then when we're sitting and starting at one another wondering what to make, we have an easy reference. And even more important: when all of our friends are sitting around staring at us, wondering what we'll make, we know where to reach.

Quick note: We've started to lovingly refer to our old but charming house as Lucille -- thus, the title of our cocktail book. We used an inexpensive blank journal from the hardware store but you could certainly use something nicer if you'd like. Happy cocktail making, planning, and preserving!

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