Party Idea: Host A Breakfast Bash

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It always seems like spring is the busiest time for our friends and family. There are soccer games to attend, gardening to accomplish, trips, tours, graduations — all sorts of things are going on and entertaining time can be sparse. Instead of insisting that everyone come for dinner, why not try getting things done early and host a weekend breakfast bash instead?

Although hosting Brunch is a rather fashionable thing to do, it can be a hard time for many folks to drop what they’re doing and swing on by. By the time the sun is already high in the sky, plans have started and your day is progressing. Instead, have all your friends over for a morning cup of joe and some breakfast snacks instead. Besides, who can say no to an 8am breakfast party?

You can host all the food yourself or ask guests to bring things pot luck — though if you go that route, be prepared for a lot of muffins. The good news about breakfast foods is that they’re extra easy to make in bulk. Who’s ever made just one mini quiche? One pancake? One cinnamon roll? Our point exactly!

By hosting a morning party you’ll not only get a chance to catch up with friends, but everyone will still be able to carry on with their busy lives as planned. Have early morning friends? Try hosting a pre-dawn party (which isn’t like Breaking Dawn… sorry Twilight fans) and start things at 5, 6 or 7am to make sure everyone gets a chance to attend!

(Image: Flickr member Lars Plougmann licensed for use by Creative Commons)