I Never Liked Instant Coffee Until I Tried This Incredibly Tasty Version From One of My Favorite NYC Coffee Shops

published Jul 22, 2022
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Various instant coffees being made.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

I’ve never liked instant coffee — it quite literally puts a bad taste in my mouth. The only time I even considered drinking it was when boredom won in the beginning of the pandemic and I had to give Dalgona coffee a whirl. While I loved the frothy drink (let’s be real, who didn’t), I can’t have something that sugary every day. So lately, I’ve been on the Clevr Blends instant superlatte bandwagon or sometimes I’ll use a French press to whip up my morning brew when I want black coffee. I’m all about minimal effort (especially when I’m half awake in the morning) without sacrificing quality, so when I saw that more and more of my favorite coffee brands were launching instant brews, I was convinced I needed to give them a chance. Fast forward a few cups later, and I’m totally hooked on one particular brand.

The brand that officially converted me to an instant coffee lover? Partners, which is one of my favorite NYC coffee shops. They recently released their best-selling, sustainably sourced brews in instant coffee form, and they’re all equally delicious. You can sip on three flavors: Brooklyn (chocolate, toffee, and dried fruit), El Ramo (a dreamy medley of Colombian coffees), and Jumpstart (a full-bodied roast with tons of flavor), so you can mix things up while you’re putting your barista skills to use from the comfort of your kitchen.

Credit: Tamara Kraus

Each box comes with six individually packaged sachets, so they’re also great for taking on the go (hello, summer travels!). If you’re also looking to be more sustainable, you’ll love that the sachets are biodegradable and the packaging is recyclable.

To whip up your java, simply pour the bag in a mug, add hot water, and you’ve got one of the tastiest cups of coffee you’ve ever made in minutes. You can even drink it iced, which is all I’m having during this heat wave. The best part? Unlike a French press or a pour over, there’s no leftover coffee ground waste to clean up.

Once you’re hooked on these gourmet brews (I know you will be), you can subscribe and get 20 percent off each order. That way, you’ll never run out and you’ll save money. It’s a win-win!

To sum it up, these instant coffee packs are so delicious that I can’t even tell the difference between my at-home cup and one that I bought at a fancy coffee shop. I’ll be the first to admit it, I am the least patient person on the planet, and I’ve finally found a brew method that I can manage when my eyes are barely open in the AM and I’m in need of caffeine STAT.