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My Favorite Gluten-Free Cookie Brand Just Dropped a Mouthwatering Holiday Collection

published Oct 19, 2022
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Partake holiday Cookies
Credit: Partake

As a former pastry chef and a celiac, you can imagine how much I missed the gluten-y stuff. After all, there’s just nothing in this world like a fresh, chewy boule or a layered, buttery croissant. How I envy those of you who are not gluten-intolerant! But, while there are a few food items that are without worthy gluten-free alternatives (yet, that is), there are also tons of celiac-friendly items out there these days. Though, I won’t deny that a lot of those options can, at times, be tasteless, sandy, and cardboard-y. In fact, it saddens me to say that I understand why my family members always opt for the traditional versions of pastries instead of the gluten-free options.

But not all hope is lost! Recently, I’ve stumbled across some incredibly tasty and wonderfully textured finds. From nonna-worthy breadcrumbs and springy, scrumptious pasta to the brilliant bar that starts my mornings off right, there truly are some shockingly good GF products on the market right now. Good enough, in fact, that I’ve converted my family over to a few of my favorites. Speaking of favorites, I’ve got a cookie brand I just can’t get enough of. I initially discovered them via their crunchy chocolate chip cookie (which finally satisfied my yearslong craving for a Famous Amos) and have since been Partake‘s number one fan. That’s why when they recently launched two all-new flavors for the holidays, well, I got my hands on the GF must-haves as soon as I could.

Now, ICYMI, Partake has mastered a whole lot more than just the art of gluten-free baking. Besides the unbelievable taste of all their products, their quest for inclusivity is probably my favorite thing about the brand. They’re keeping an eye out for all of us who may have limitations when it comes to enjoying tasty treats (they even launched special, allergy-friendly Halloween snack packs for kids who might not be able to chow down on a Snickers bar or a KitKat). Every single yummy morsel these recipe artists put out is free of the top nine allergens — plus, they have a fellowship program that works to support underrepresented entrepreneurs and they partner with organizations to fight food insecurity while they’re at it. Yup, Partake is pretty much a dream brand.

All that goodness aside, let’s talk flavor. The first holiday box is a delicious, soft-baked, quintessential flavor combo: chocolate and peppermint — and Partake has done the classic duo justice. The cocoa flavor sings first, bold and luxurious, and is then followed by the sustained and refreshing cool touch of peppermint. They provide an ample dose of nostalgia for the Thin Mints of of childhood, yet are somehow even better, thanks to their superb texture. These festive sweets essentially melt in your mouth, since they’re somewhere between a brownie bite and actual chocolate itself. (And, yes — I did just eat four while writing this paragraph.)

As for the second holiday flavor, the Crunchy Holiday Sprinkle Cookies, they’re basically my favorite kind of cookie. As a sucker for birthday cake cookies, I can confidently say these sprinkle-laden morsels hit all the right spots with some added holiday flair. Their crunchy vanilla base is the perfect support for the extra-crispy fleck of festive green and red. (I consumed a whole box of these in just two days.) They’re buttery, they have the perfect bite, and there’s an appropriate ratio of salt to sugar. I’m obsessed.

While I’d happily munch and crunch on these delectable morsels any time of year, I have a special appreciation for them right now. I’m inherently a warm weather person, so it’s sometimes a little hard for me to prep for winter. However, with the help of these joyous bites, I’m actually looking forward to the holidays ahead — and to eating more cookies!