Smart Hack: Use Your Leftover Parmesan Cheese Lids on Your Mason Jars

updated Sep 5, 2019
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Credit: Reece with a C / Shutterstock

The lifehackers over at Reddit have been down in their Dr. Seuss-like rabbit hole again, figuring out solutions to problems you might not have even known you had. Today’s version includes figuring out that the lid from the Parmesan canister (like the green lid, on the pre-grated kind) fits perfectly onto the top of a Mason jar, and that you can then thread a bubble tea straw through the holes and make a slightly fancy little drinking apparatus. 

Is this brilliant or just another DI-WHY?

While it’s true that there are many many types of Mason jar lids with straws that you can buy yourself on Amazon for almost no money, I do appreciate the ingenuity. I like that it repurposes something you probably already have at home, that it’s definitely the cheapest option if you don’t already have a lid, and that it can perfectly fit a straw — or three. One Redditor also pointed out that this would be great for making cocktails in because you could easily strain the drink (I’m looking at you, vodka martini).

Some Redditors, however, don’t feel the same way. One Redditor pointed out that “you can use a straw just the same without the lid and the holes are too far apart to use it as a drinking apparatus by itself. So it’s effectively just a useless extra step in drinking out of a Mason jar through a straw.” Although another Redditor suggested that having your straw stay in one place instead of moving around the jar would be beneficial.

Regardless if you’re on the fence or not about this tip, there’s another Mason jar hack you should know about: Apparently you can fit a Mason jar on some blenders, so you can make a smoothie with ease in the morning. All you do is unscrew the base from the bottom of the blender, secure it tightly on your Mason jar, and blend away. How cool is that?