Park Slope’s Last Butcher Pu$hed Out

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A & S Pork Store in Park Slope, Brooklyn is closing on October 1. This real butcher shop is our source for sausages, roasts, and the best homemade mozzarella and ricotta we’ve ever tasted.

A&S is closing because they can’t afford a huge rent increase.

We’re wondering if you have more reports of family food businesses near you that are closing down as prices for almost everything increase? And, we ask more hopefully, have you heard of a business model that keeps family owned food businesses at work in their neighborhoods as real estate costs escalate?

There’s been so many articles and posts about this closing. We’ve rounded them up here. What are your thoughts on the sad state of local butcher shops?

NY Daily News: “You are looking at the death of the last real butcher left in Park Slope,” said Bonello, 37. “Brooklyn is going to be left to a bunch of bodegas serving cold cuts.”

The Brooklyn Paper:Hillary Miller, a longtime Park Sloper, said the news just confirms the inevitable: “I always feared this place was going to close. It’s hard to find a good meat store, and they’re such nice guys.”

Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn: From a commenter: “This homogenizing force will not stop. Try to save one or two of your haunts – it won’t do you any good …”

Lost City: “Butcher butchered,” sums it up.

P.S. The butchers at A&S are looking for a new space. Any landlords got a space for these guys? Help!

(image: Chris for TheKitchn)